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7/30/13 11:13:23PM
The American Gangster will be writing sweet, sweet poetry about his UFC Fight Night opponent, Mauricio "Shogun" Rua, every day leading up to August 17. We will publish his poems each day by 6pm PT—to keep track of his whimsical words, bookmark this page.

Without further adieu, we present Sonnen's first sonnet...

Link - Day 1
7/31/13 12:07:57AM
I'm pretty excited for this fight. Classic striker/grappler matchup.
7/31/13 1:58:09AM
Chael is the ultimate self promoter. I can't wait either.
I'm a big Shogun fan and I want to see Chael win this fight. Just never get sick of this guy
7/31/13 5:43:00AM
I'll be so pissed if Shogun loses this fight
7/31/13 5:05:20PM
If Chael beats Shogun, Rua should get that poem tattooed on his back !!!
7/31/13 5:24:28PM
Muhammad Ali was much better at this poetry stuff.

Shogun by first round submission
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