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1/14/09 11:35:03AM
Since my ex moved out and took the TV and the computer, I'm without entertainment for the time being. So, I need Podcast suggestions from you guys. It does not need to be MMA related. I would prefer Video podcasts but will accept suggestions of any kind. A few notes...

- MMA Live's podcast blows...unless someone knows how to get the entire episode and not just a 7 minute clip.

- I've checked out a couple of the Sherdog podcasts...didn't care for them too much.

- Please, if you're suggesting an episode of a television show, make sure it's the entire episode and not an episode summary.

Thanks, guys. I ended up watching basketball (and I f'ing despise basketball) at a bar last night because I was so bored.
1/14/09 11:51:53AM
I watch quite a few good video podcasts which aren't MMA-related:
CHIKARA Podcast-A-Go-Go: Free wrestling clips from CHIKARA every week and other fun stuff. Updated Monday nights.

Mayne Street: Comedy series featuring ESPN's Kenny Mayne.

HDNet Fights: Not nearly as good as it used to be but still good stuff. Primarily Inside MMA clips, promos, and fight clips. Sometimes still a full fight, pretty good stuff.

WebbAlert: Duh, haha. Usually 4 episodes per week but it's on hiatus for another week or two.

Ask Palpatine & Ask A Ninja: 2 of the best comedy shows out there, if not the best.
1/14/09 4:22:13PM
Damn man, your situation sucks.
1/14/09 4:39:41PM
pretty funny talk radio show from Cleveland...wih a bunch of past shows up:
maxwell show 100.7 WMMS

You Tube- Freaks and Geeks (best kids in school tv show ever!!) (although I dont know if youtube will work for this situation...)

freaks and geeks results
1/14/09 6:41:01PM
How are you planning on acquiring podcasts without a computer? Do you have an iphone/ipod touch?

If you have access to the internet and have some time to kill, check out

It supplies free television shows and movies, all of which are legal. There's bound to be something to cure your boredom.
1/14/09 7:15:46PM
I would recommend the Adam Carolla Radio Show podcast and the Colin Cowherd ESPN Radio podcast, they are 2 of my favorites.
1/15/09 9:16:46AM

Posted by warglory

How are you planning on acquiring podcasts without a computer? Do you have an iphone/ipod touch?

The same way I'm posting these messages...from my work computer.

Thanks for the link!
1/15/09 2:05:41PM
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