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11/20/09 8:16:09AM

So out of the ashes of recently disbanded Team CPC Movies comes Plissken's Pit.

CPC Movies is going through a rebranding so it was time to change up the Fight Camp. Also, we can shed the non active members...

Anyway for any of you intrested in joining a brand new camp then Plissken's Pit is open for joining requests!!!

Join Plissken's Pit - Click Here for invite!
12/24/09 8:07:00AM
Right we are accepting new members now over the Festive Period so if your looking for a camp or are looking to change camps then please consider us and click the link above for an invite.

All levels of Playgrounder accepted.
9/20/10 7:29:01AM
Plissken's Pit is open for new members! We recently purged our inactive members so we a re rebuilding from the ground up. SO if your interested and you are an active user then please PM/Request and invite so we can take on the big boys in Camp Wars!
8/27/11 3:44:56AM
After having somewhat of a summer break (Despite all picks being completed) the Pit is back and if anyones looking for a new camp then try us!
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