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8/20/09 2:47:54PM

Welcome to the fledgling world of British MMA. By all measurements, mixed martial arts has never been more popular on this side of the Atlantic. Media coverage, talent and public awareness progressively rise, and yet, despite these increases, domestic promotions are finding it harder than ever to attract the fans that play the video game, buy the magazines and watch the UFC.
8/20/09 2:57:26PM
As a resident, I reckon part of the reason MMA isn't quite the crowd puller just yet, is due to the continuing popularity of Boxing, Muay Thai and Kickboxing.

The UK has a long-standing devotion to these fighting disciplines something that won't be easily overcome.

I'm going to a Kickboxing event that has hardly been publicised, in a small local venue that holds around 1000 people, and it is sold out.
8/20/09 3:02:46PM
I had the distinct pleasure of watching a Thai Boxing event in Thailand when I was there earlier this year and I see why those fans are so dedicated, just wish I could catch all the K-1 Events like I can can catch MMA.
8/20/09 4:28:47PM
The reason British MMA is failing is because the quality of shows ar appalling. I've been to many events around the UK including Cage rage and the lack of quality is clear to see. Promoters want to line thier pockets rather than put on good shows IMO. Cage Rage was definately the leading brand in the UK but it rapidly dropped the quality of its fighters. The cards including Anderson Silva, Vitor Belfort and Matt Lindland soon turned into cards based around Gary 'smiler' Turner, Paul Cahoon and Butterbean.
As for BAMMA it was a lower end version of cage rage with even lesser named fighters trying to start from the roots.
Don't get me wrong I wish I could watch quality MMA in the UK but the truth is that nobody is willing to sacrifice anything (especially their own profits) to put on decent shows. The UFC has set an extremely high standard and IMO nobody in the U.K can compete.
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