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POLL: Which moment was most shocking?
Jon Jones v Stephen Bonner 28% (14)
Lyoto Machida v Thiago Silva 24% (12)
Mac Danzig v Josh Neer 2% (1)
Josh Koshcheck v Paulo Thiago 44% (22)
Damien Maia v Chael Sonnen 2% (1)
Dan Hardy v Rory Markham 0% (0)
12/19/09 6:11:19AM
I thought it would be interesting to find out what the playgrounds most shocking UFc moments of 2009. ( stole the idea off a thread in the other forums). Ive gone through The UFC 2009 cards and found 34 moments that stood out to me. Ive devided them into 6 sections in time order. We will have 6 votes and the winners in each section will go into the final to find the most shocking UFC 2009 moment.

1. Jon Jones v Stephen Bonner

This was an awsome fight and the first time we really saw how good Jones really is. From the amazing spinning back elbow to throwing Bonner round like he was a rag doll. This was an awsome performance.

2. Lyoto Machida v Thiago Silva

Every one new how good Machida was but up to this stage some of his fights were not great to watch and his biggest criticism was the fact he wasnt finishing off his opponents, and then a devestating KO at the 4 min 59 second mark of Rd 1. Amazing.

3. Mac Danzig v Josh Neer

This was a great fight with both fighters pushing the pace. The shocking part of this fight was not Neer beating Danzig but the way he sank in that triangle was beautiful and completely un expected.

4. Josh Koshcheck v Paulo Thiago

I was live at this event and seeing the unknown Thiago KO Koshcheck was absolutely shocking.

5. Damien Maia v Chael Sonnen

I also saw this fight live ( same event as the above fight ) and watching Maia sink in the triangle from top position was beautiful. And since that defeat Sonnen has been unstoppable.

6. Dan Hardy v Rory Markahm

This fight was also on the same card as the two above fights. Markham looked good in his UFC debut winning with his head kick. But Hardy made light work of him winning with a devestating ( left I think ) cross.

12/19/09 6:13:17AM
Ive voted for the Jones v Bonner fight. Jones was amzing in that match and I loved that elbow and his throws.
12/19/09 7:13:06AM
I went the same as you. My write in is Hendo KOing BisPING!
12/19/09 11:18:25AM

Posted by cmill21

I went the same as you. My write in is Hendo KOing BisPING!

That could definitely be considered for the KO of the year, no doubt about it.
12/19/09 11:35:51AM
had to go with machida v silva i thought he would win but not like that but i think the best is machida vs rashad just beacause of the look on rashads face
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12/19/09 11:42:05AM
Both of the moments mentioned above will both come up in a later poll
12/19/09 12:25:02PM
here are my top 10 ufc fights of 2009

1. randy vs big nog,

here i thought it would be a boring fight, randy pushing big nog against the cage for 3 rounds, big nog trying to keep randy on the ground, but it was a awesome war

2. diego sanchez vs clay guida

first 3 minutes were most exciting all year, crazy fight that went to a split decision

3. rich franklin vs wanderli silva

4. carlos condit vs martin kammpman

5. anderson silva vs forrest griffin

6. nate quarry vs tim credeur

7. marcus davis vs chris lytle

8. anthony johnson vs josh koscheck

9. dan henderson vs michael bisping

10. kenny florian vs clay guida
12/19/09 12:31:01PM
Machida-silva one second left in the first round by diving punch one punch ko that was HUGE!
12/19/09 7:31:57PM
Shogun vs Chuck, both appeared to have been past their better days, Chuck still had those hammers, since coming to the UFC Shogun had been an absolute disappointment, In an edge of your seat first round the the Ghost of Prides past made an appearance and Shogun was back to being Shogun for the first time in more than two years.
12/20/09 5:47:30AM
Thiago's KO of Koshcheck advances to the next round. The next 6 to follow shortly.
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