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11/12/12 9:48:51PM
Thought this might be fun to do after each event to see how others score fights for those that do. Only listing fights that went to a decision. Also only listing the score you had watching live right as the round ended, not after multiple watches or checking fight stats. Being a judge you wouldn't have that luxury!

Riki Fukuda over Tom DeBlass
Judges: 30-27, 29-28x2
Kpro: 10-9, 10-9, 10-9 = 30-27 Fukuda

John Lineker over Yasuhiro Urushitani
Judges: 30-27, 29-28x2
Kpro: 9-10, 10-9, 10-9 = 29-28 Lineker

Takeya Mizugaki over Jeff Hougland
Judges: 30-27x2, 30-25
Kpro: 10-9, 10-9, 10-9 = 30-27 Mizugaki

Jon Tuck over Tiequan Zhang
Judges: 30-27, 29-28x2
Kpro: 10-9, 10-9, 9-10 = 29-28 Tuck

Takanori Gomi over Mac Danzig
Judges: 29-28x2, 28-29 (Split)
Kpro: 10-9, 9-10, 10-9 = 29-28 Gomi

Dong Hyun Kim over Paulo Thiago
Judges: 30-27x2, 30-26
Kpro: 10-8, 10-9, 10-8 = 30-25 Kim
11/13/12 8:11:16AM
I thought about trying this awhile back in the discussion thread as the fights were happening but figured the thread would get all jacked up.

I used to judge boxing matches when I was a kid. It was fun but if someone got knocked out late in the fight I would get so mad because I couldn't compare my judging with the real judges.
11/13/12 11:05:48PM
I have em all scored the same minus StunGun I didnt give him 10-8 rds