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12/27/12 5:56:52PM
Probably gonna post the nominations up in like 12 hours or so get your votes in!!!
12/29/12 3:39:50AM

Most controversial poster - kingsmasher

Most missed poster of the year - kpro

Best avatar - prozacnation

Biggest nuthugger - poor franklin

Most improved poster -

Sidegame of the year -

Best newcomer of the year (Started in 2012) - i nominate myself.
OG of the year (Started in 2007) -

Most unappreciated poster - aether

Most Unique/Original poster - chael sonnen

Least controversial poster - pmoney, poor franklin

Best Side game creator -

Best fantasy/side game player -

Female Poster of the year - Vero, dancing doll

Most knowledgeable poster - shawn 911111, kpro

The buddy award - pmoney

Mod of the year -

Funniest Poster - kingsmasher, chael sonnen

Thread of the year - cancellation of ufc 151 and blaming it on jones

Poster of the year - poor franklin

1/3/13 7:42:46AM
Alright so who won the awards
1/3/13 11:21:54AM
WIll get the results up on the 10th of Jan
1/4/13 6:57:32PM

Posted by jjeans

WIll get the results up on the 10th of Jan

Will give post fight speech(es) on the 11th
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