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8/22/12 3:42:56PM
As said in MY LAST THREAD whatever the playground chose I would do, and the triathlon wiped the floor in the poll, so...

I have signed myself up for 2 triathlons for next summer and I have gone ahead and ordered/brought myself a new bike given my last one I owned I have had since I was 14 and a 6'3 21 year old...

On the 23rd of June just down the road from me i'll be participating in a Sprint triathlon:
400 metre Swim - 25 km Cycle - 5 km Run

Then 1 month later on the 21st of July up in Birmingham, I'll be doing the big one:
1500 metre Swim - 40km Cycle - 10km Run

Thanks everyone for supporting me and for answering my question in the last thread! A tri-suit has been added to my christmas list so I'll be looking extra sexy in one of those... Pictures will be available on request

And yeah guys thanks everyone for your support!
8/22/12 3:44:36PM

8/22/12 3:46:06PM
Good luck Jay
8/22/12 4:49:29PM
jjeans a man of his word
8/22/12 4:52:56PM
Much respect for the triathlete (as well as the marathoner, but more for the triathlete).

Keep us abreast of the training. I just wanted to use the word "abreast".

Good luck!!!
8/22/12 5:45:04PM
dont forget to smoke the green works for Nick Diaz
8/22/12 7:16:11PM
Congrats Jay! I'll be rooting for you my man you've got the raw talent and the solid technique! Wishing you all the best
8/22/12 9:02:58PM
Yay, congrats! I definitely admire your follow-through!
8/22/12 9:09:46PM
Well u got a lil under a year to train
You should do fine
8/22/12 11:50:01PM
nice!!! triathlons are hardcore. i have always wanted to do one. oh and, props for for actually going for it. keep us posted on the event and even your training, i would be interested to see what you do to get ready.
8/23/12 3:42:42AM

Posted by DancingDoll

Yay, congrats! I definitely admire your follow-through!

very well put. Jay u r the man
8/23/12 4:41:55AM
Go get em Jay!
8/23/12 9:22:26AM
If I see you posting on here, you aren't running enough! Good luck, this takes dedication.
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