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8/5/12 2:32:32PM
Well done on winning the HW accolade, we will be coming for you next season

I have already propped 3 camp members, if any post in this thread I will prop them.
8/5/12 2:43:41PM
Congrats Bullies! Truly a legendary camp
8/5/12 2:50:10PM
Agreed. Well done. You guys were very tough to compete with. My rolling eyes comment has nothing to do with you guys winning. You deserved it.
8/5/12 2:56:12PM
Tough season. Didn't think we took it after last night. Thanks
8/5/12 2:57:59PM

I've propped a couple as well. However I have hit my 24hr limit

congrats guys

8/5/12 7:08:06PM
Congrats Playground Bullies.
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