Has anyone played UFC for dreamcast?

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3/12/07 10:33:35PM

just ordered a copy. the reviews look great, i never played it but have only heard good things. any thoughts?
3/12/07 11:03:38PM
Dunno... your oging to have to give us a review. Looks cool for a 7 year old game.
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3/13/07 3:20:13AM
I played it when it first came out. It was pretty decent for an early incarnation MMA game. The create a fighter is kinda weak but I went on a 107 fight win streak with Lawler's GnP. Also, mastering submission timing = you win all the time and piss off all your friends.
3/13/07 5:20:56AM
I remember the day it came out, i was standing outside the store like an hour before, i was so happy that day.
3/13/07 11:03:46PM
its the best ufc mma game imo

only outdone by the ps2 pride version
3/14/07 1:39:17PM
awesome game, simple controls, a lot of fighters(some good some not so good). character creation does kinda stink, but the diff fighting styles are cool, as well as the possibility of unlocking a few well known UFC non-fighters to compete in the octagon. i still have this game but havent played the dreamcast in years....might have to find an emulator now that its been brought up.
3/14/07 9:49:11PM
Who's the sick SoB who decided to make this game for dreamcast X_X