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8/2/07 1:01:42PM
is ncaa 08 any good.
8/2/07 1:22:06PM
my 12 yr old son has it and hasnt seen the sun in 2 days, so im guessing its not too bad
8/2/07 1:33:18PM
I have it, but my 360 gave me the 3 red lights, so it's been in the shop for 3 weeks.
8/2/07 5:11:36PM
Yeah its good they could have added a little more but its good not worth fifty bucks but good
8/2/07 9:18:19PM
is it trun you can transfer your player to madden?
8/3/07 1:56:05AM
You could do that last year. This year has something that focuses on high school playoffs.
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