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4/24/07 10:38:26PM
Anyone play the new MMORPG Lord of the Rings Online?
4/25/07 2:37:49AM
I dont, but Ive been on the webiste and watched the trailers. Can you play as a troll character?
4/25/07 3:28:49AM
sorta, you play as a hobbit/elf/good guys preety much but at level 10 theres an option to play as the monsters (Orcs/Spider/Wolf) no troll though. It's fun so far.
4/25/07 5:05:12AM
Those games seem like they'd be great for when I'm retired, but being as I have a job, a fight coming up, a house to build, etc, I know I'd be shooting myself in the foot by playing it. Someday though.
4/25/07 10:51:45AM
I was a beta tester and found it very boring myself. I know I only played to level 4, but if you can't hold my attention for very long I'm not going to play it.
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