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4/13/12 10:38:45PM

It seriously seems like it has been forever since the last event!!! I'm so excited to get the main league rolling again. Things really start to pick up here heading into the summer!

Good luck to everyone!
4/13/12 10:42:56PM
I totally lost all of my mma knowledge because of that break lol
4/13/12 10:52:31PM
It's like the first day of school again. Luckily I remembered my No. 2 pencil.
4/13/12 11:10:27PM
No kidding. The first few weeks were a nice break. I totally shut off all mma. I think I'm re virginized. Gonna be nice to get back in the sack with the old gal I was starting to get lonely this past week. Quite the dry spell
4/13/12 11:12:52PM
I know it was long, but didn't feel long as I've been busy with all the other stuff.

Good thing I checked my wagers, because I hadn't made any.
4/14/12 1:28:53AM
Rabi saved me with a nice side tourney, its still going on but this event is needed. Is it just me or did the nights Bellator kind of suck?
4/14/12 1:32:07AM
Bellator is nice and all, but I'm looking foward to getting my UFC kick.
4/14/12 10:46:17AM
I admit that month long ufc break left me a little rusty
Whos the champ again...? Tito?
4/14/12 2:57:59PM
nice to know im not the only one
4/14/12 5:55:37PM
I missed the UFC. Glad I got my fix today
4/16/12 1:37:59AM
It has been WAY too long since the last event. I've been busy with other events on another site but it still isn't the same. Glad to be rolling along again
4/18/12 7:05:21PM
That was a long time between events.

The last thing I can remember was Mark Coleman winning the UFC 10 tournament. I'm definitely gonna pick him next time he fights.
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