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11/23/08 11:08:09AM
Rich Franklin vs. Dan Henderson

Round 1:
Both fighters start out exchanging a couple shots. Dan right away connects with a left hand but Franklin keeps Henderson from agressing with a straight kick and a left straight. Dan throws a body kick and closes the distance. They exchange knees against the fence and Franklin lands a big knee to Dans head but shakes it off. Dan drops levels for a takedown but Rich sprawls perfectly and they stand back up, both of them exchange head kicks but neither lands. Franklin tries to feel Dan out but Henderson seems unpredictable. Henderson throws a high kick that is blocked then takes Franklin down with a double leg. In he guard Henderson lands a couple elbows that form a small laceration on below Franklin's eye. Henderson postures up and looks for a big right hand, he throws it, but misses. Franklin then sweeps Henderson and gets a mount for a brief moment but falls back to half guard. Franklin throws as much as he can with only a couple seconds left on the clock:
10-9 Henderson

Round 2:
Henderson right away looks for a right hand and lands it and backs Franklin up. Franklin shoots out of desperation but ends up on his back, pulling an opened guard. Henderson smartly looks for shots but not getting overconfident. Henderson lands big shots to the head and passes to a side control. Franklin looks for another sweep but they end up scrambling. They both stand up and exchange knees, Franklin lands a left and a right hook that's absorbed by Dan. Henderson throws a high kick, misses and shoots. Franklin stuffs it and they clinch against the fence and Henderson connects with a big knee and a couple uppercuts. Henderson tees off on the feet on Franklin who is in danger and covering up with his back against the fence. Dan continues to land huge shots, Franklin stands as long as he can but falls down and the ref stops the fight:

Dan Henderson wins via TKO 4:14 into the 2nd Round.

Mauricio Rua vs Mark Coleman II

Round 1:
They come out very cautious and feel eachother out for about 40 seconds. Coleman lands a couple leg kick and lands several jabs. Rua connects with a head kick but Coleman absorbs it. Rua lands a knee to the body and Coleman swings for the fences but Rua dodges everything. Rua lands a big left hand and a right combo that stuns Coleman. Rua rushes in and swings hard, right after left. Rua closes the distance and lands a big knee that drops Coleman to the floor face first. Rua jumps on Coleman's back and lands hard shots, Coleman covers up. Mauricio sinks in his hooks and also the choke forcing the tapout:

Mauricio Rua wins by Submission via Rear Naked Choke 2:07 into the 1st Round.

Antonio Mendes vs. Andre Gusmao

Round 1:
Mendes comes out with a one-two combo that immediantly backs the Capoeira fighter back against the cage. Gusmao lands a big knee to the ribs as Mendes rushes in. Gusmao trips Antonio to the mat and lands in side control. Andre lands several elbows and briefly has a mount but is pulled back to half guard. Andre postures up and unleashes a flurry of ground n pound but is blocked nicely by Mendes. Andre passes to side control and starts the elbows again, this time he passes to the mount position and stays there for a good portion of the fight, peppering away with shots that land. Mendes eventually gives up his back, Gusmao turns over to his back with his hooks in and tries for the choke, but Mendes very nicely turns into him and as a result is in the closed guard of Capoeira fighter. Mendes doesn't do anything in the guard, while Gusmao is landing very nice elbows from the bottom, the round expires, a very dominant round for Andre Gusmao:
10-8 Gusmao

Round 2:
Mendes comes out pretty shaky, but not for long. They both exchange wildy, both connecting but it's very clear that Mendes is pretty messed up from the last round. Gusmao lands a spinning back kick to the ribs and a left to the body. Mendes winces from both shots and falls to his knees. Gusmao lands a left hand and Mendes pulls guard. Mendes tries to work his rubber guard but Gusmao has none of it and passes to the half guard where he works with some more ground n pound. Mendes somehow gets his opponent to the closed guard. Mendes, out of desperation, attempts a kimura but uses it very nicely to sweep his opponent. Mendes has a mount and throws some very powerful shots. Gusmao looks in trouble, Mendes steps his leg over and has a triangle locked in from the mount. Mendes rolls to his back to finish Gusmao but his loses the triangle in the process. Mendes holds on to an omoplata but Gusmoa steps over, they scramble, Mendes tries to get to his feet Gusmao holds him down. Mendes finally stands up and they exchange knees. They seperate as the round ends, a bit closer round than the last:
10-9 Gusmao

Round 3:
Both fighters decide to see what it's like on the feet. Mendes lands a couple good body kicks but Gusmao answers back with a left hand. Gusmao throws a right hand and a couple good leg kicks. After a while of little exchanges, Mendes rushes in with a combo, Gusmao latches himselft to Antonio and trips him to the mat. Gusmao is in a half guard and pounds away from there. Gusmao passes quickly to a mount and throws. Mendes gives up his back and covers up, Gusmao sinks in some very deep hooks and looks for the choke. Atleast Mendes does a good job defending it, Gusmao constantly tries for the choke but just can't get it. With about 30 seconds left Mendes turns into Gusmao as he did in the first round and is in the closed guard. This time Mendes postures up looking to pound away, Mendes lands some good shots but is caught in an armbar. Mendes stands up an tries to slam Gusmao down but he doesn't let go until the fight ends, a very one sided fight:

Andre Gusmao wins via Unanimous Decision (30-26 for all judges)

Alan Belcher vs. Denis Kang

Round 1:
Kang comes out with a great body kick and a one-two. Belcher throws many powerful hooks but misses everyone of them. Kang lands a head kick but a left hand that lands flush. Belcher hangs in there finally connects with a right hand but Kang is on fire knees Alan in the face a couple times. Belcher drops down for a single leg but Denis sprawls and flips Belcher onto his back. Belcher gets a mount and works to finish his opponent, Belcher rolls over and gives up his back. Kang ignores the choke even though he has his hooks in he would rather pound his victim out. Unfortunately Belcher does a good job in covering up and blocking Kang's shots and the ref thinks twice about the stoppage. This gives Alan Belcher his chances to escape and he does somehow. They scramble and they stand up. Denis lands a solid right hand that stuns his opponent, Alan tries to throws back but misses every shot. Denis sercures a Thai clinch and lands several knees to the face, Belcher drops and Kang pounces on him very hard shots, Belcher has had enough and taps out:

Denis Kang wins via Submission (strikes) 4:45 into the 1st Round.

Ivan Serati vs. Thomasz Drawl

Round 1:
Serati comes out the much stronger fighter and right away takes Drawl down easily. Drawl works on the bottom looking for an armbar, Serati uses it to pass and goes to the half guard. Drawl quickly gets him back guard. Not much striking on the bottom but very entertaining jiu-jitsu displayed on ground. Drawl finally looks for the armbar attempt he was looking for and has it locked in tight, Serati stands up and slams him down, loosening the armlock. Thomasz lets go and tries to stand up, but immediantly Ivan keeps him down with a right hand. Drawls passes to side control and he looks to trap Drawls' arm with his legs. Drawl twists and Ivan ends up in the sprawl position. Serati tries for a guillotine, but Drawl stands up and Serati lets it go. Drawls throws a couple nice leg kicks and a body kick. Serati pumps his jab and unleashes a flurry that backs the Polish fighter up against the cage. Serati moves his flurry to Thomasz's body, hitting it with a flurry of small punches. Drawl clinches Serati close and attempts to backtrip him, Drawl ends up being reversed and ending up on his back. Serati postures up an throws a some heavy leather before the round ends:
10-9 Serati

Round 2:
This time Drawl fends off the early takedown with a beautiful right hand that Ivan absorbs. Ivan throws a head kick that misses and Drawl smacks him with a one-two. Ivan fakes a right hand and shoots, he drives Drawl across the octagon and finally, getting some leverage, picks up Drawls and slams him hard. Serati passes to side control and works to trap that arm again. Drawl tries a different sweeping technique, turning his body clockwise while rolling to his stomach, but again Serati ending up in the sprawl position. Serait again looks for the guillotine and falls back into guard, it looks very tight and Ivan squeezes really hard but can't find enough leverage and Drawls' head pops out. Drawl, in the closed guard of the Italian, connects with a big elbow which opens up a small laceration across Ivan's temple. Ivan gets up to his butt and looks for a guilloting again, but instead uses it to find some leverage and sweep Drawl over with his strength. Serati briefly has a mount of is sucked back into half guard. Serati holds Drawl tight, wanting to restart on the feet, he gets his wish. Serati connects with a short counter flurry of a right hand from Drawl. Thomasz lands a couple leg kicks and a hard right, followed by a body kick. Serati connects with a big right hand that supposedly stuns Drawl, he backs up and blasts and they exchange with crazy combos from both fighters. Serati connects with a powerful right hook that drops Drawl to the mat with about 10 seconds left. Serati jumps on Drawl and tries to finish him but Drawl performs a beautiful sweep that puts Ivan on his back, the round expires:
10-9 Serati

Round 3:
Serati again right away runs out with a crazy right hand that misses, but then shoots and slams Drawl hard on his back. Serati lands two big elbows that opens a cut under one of Thomasz's eyes. Serati controls Drawl and passes to side control where lands a couple more hard shots. Drawl tries to throws his legs up to hook Serati's head but Serati move to the mount where he hits Thomasz with a jaw shattering right hand, the ref takes a good look at Drawl who is still protecting himself and lets the fight go on. Somehow Drawl bucks Ivan off has his back taken in the process. Ivan almost has the choke settled in but Drawl defends it well. Ivan gives up his back mount goes to over-under where stands up and lands a powerful knee to the face of Thomasz. Drawl rocks Serati with a counter left hook and a straight right, Serati backs up and Drawl hits him with a knee, Drawls attempts the knee again but Serati catches it a gets the single leg take down. Ivan jumps across to side control where he regains himself. Ivan steps up to the mount with an arm triangle hold locked it, Ivan passes to the other side but doesn't have it totally locked it. Drawl tries to twist and turn but that puts the nail in the coffin and Ivan turns counter clockwise with the choke, the ref checks Drawl and finds out he out cold, very exciting fight:

Ivan Serati wins by Submission (other) via Arm Triangle Choke 3:55 into the 3rd Round

Chris Lytle vs. Marcus Davis

Round 1:
Lytle comes out the agresser but Davis doesn't back down and they exchange in the center of the octagon. Davis lands a left jab and Lytle throws a head kick, backs him up, but doesn't land. Davis lands a sharp body kick and a left hand, Lytle tries to answer back finds none. Davis starts to pick him apart, landing jabs and straight shots and a couple leg and body kicks. Lytle changes to south paw and cup checks Davis, he's alright and Lytle throws a right hand that sets up an over-hand left that knocks Davis out cold, he drops and no other strikes are needed to convince the ref that the fight it over:

Chris Lytle wins via KO :39 into the 1st Round

Tom Egan vs. John Hathaway

Round 1:
Egan comes out and throws a high kick that his blocked, John throws a left jab and a straight right. Egan counters with a straight kick that John catches and they clinch against the cage. John lands a nice knee to the midsection and a couple short shots within the clinch, Egan finally comes up with a whizzer and Hathaway flies to the ground with a very nice trip from Tom Egan. Tom tries to move to the mount but is stuck in half guard. Hathaway has a lock down on Egan's leg and he slowly moves himself to set Egan back to the guard, when that happens Hathaway immediantly looks for a triangle. Hathaway amlost has it locked it but Egan postures up and rips himselft out of the hold. Egan wants the fight back on the ground. John paws out his jab looking to set something up, Egan lands a couple weak shots not really looking for anything with a lot of power. John smacks Egan with a sharp body kick and then a head kick that rocks Egan to the core. John slowly creeps forward not to get overconfident. John lands a powerful uppercut and then a knee that finally drops Egan to the mat. Hathaway sercures his position in the mount first, then he pounds his way to his UFC victory:

John Hathaway wins via TKO 2:53

Nate Mohr vs. Dennis Siver

Round 1:
Siver right away starts to work on the lead leg of Mohr. Nate hangs back picking his shots carefully, Nate blasts Siver with a straight kick that knocks Siver to the ground. Mohr thinks he is hurt and jumps all over him and punches him hard wanting to get a first round finish. Instead Dennis sweeps Mohr to his back and pulls guard. Siver tries to punish Mohr a little bit with some strikes before progressing, Nate defends most of the damage. Siver gets frusterated and stands up ready looking for a huge right bomb, Nate smacks Siver in the face twice with hard upkicks, Siver falls back into Mohr's guard. Siver is hurt badly from the upkicks and Nate forces Siver into a triangle, Siver is still too rocked and hurt to try to defend it, he taps:

Nate Mohr wins via Submission (Choke) via Triangle Choke 1:39 into the 1st Round.
11/23/08 11:11:20AM
Kang, Hendo, and Shogun all the way!!!!!!!!
11/23/08 11:44:41AM
Antonio Mendes looked good vs. Silva, I dont think he'll get a 8 points Rd vs Gusmao. I see Mendes TKO in the 1st.
11/23/08 12:44:39PM
Lytle does not beat Davis.
11/23/08 5:02:43PM
A Turtle has more of a chance of subbing Siver than Mohr does
11/23/08 5:24:33PM
Moved from Other Organizations to UFC Forum.
11/23/08 7:36:46PM
I will be suprised to see so much kicking between Franklin and Henderson.
11/23/08 7:46:22PM
i think the hendo fight will go to decision
i see shogun knocking out coleman
good predictions though
11/23/08 7:47:19PM
I'm hoping to hell that Lytle sub's Davis and his big mouth saying that "I dont think Lytle deserves a shot at me" like hes the WW champ, thats delusional and arrogant, if Chris has the SMART gameplan of using his superior ground skills instead of this exciting fight mentality hes been having, he'll win by UD or sub.

Lytle, Shogun, Drwal, Mendes and Hendo ftw
11/24/08 12:14:25AM
Kneebar by shogun Im calling it right now. Dibs.

And hotrodttt's right.
11/24/08 12:26:36AM
couple of problems with your franklin hendo fight.
1. Franklin wouldn't sweep Hendo. He knows he is outmatched on the ground and would try and keep it standing
2. Hendo RARELY shoots. He usually scores his takedowns from the clinch.

Franklin by Decision!!!
11/24/08 12:41:27AM

Posted by haggiswashere

couple of problems with your franklin hendo fight.
1. Franklin wouldn't sweep Hendo. He knows he is outmatched on the ground and would try and keep it standing
2. Hendo RARELY shoots. He usually scores his takedowns from the clinch.

Franklin by Decision!!!

Really? I think Rich will get drawn into a slug fest, and I think Hendo will put him to bed.
11/24/08 12:49:08AM

Posted by cmill21

Posted by haggiswashere

couple of problems with your franklin hendo fight.
1. Franklin wouldn't sweep Hendo. He knows he is outmatched on the ground and would try and keep it standing
2. Hendo RARELY shoots. He usually scores his takedowns from the clinch.

Franklin by Decision!!!

Really? I think Rich will get drawn into a slug fest, and I think Hendo will put him to bed.

to each his own i guess
11/24/08 2:58:16AM
serati will NOT sub drawl.
11/24/08 9:28:27PM
Too much damn time on your hands man.
11/24/08 9:46:56PM

Posted by F--K_Luck_AuH2O

Too much damn time on your hands man.

11/25/08 12:46:46PM
To the OP, some good predictions except 2.
Remember I live in Ireland so I know what I am talking about.
Tom Egan is going to beat Hathaway, by KO possibly in the first or second round. He will have the entire arena supporting him, which will scare the bejaysus out of Hathaway. Egan is a BJJ purple, and muay thai fighter. He has all the skills to beat Hathaway.
Tomasz Drawl is going to win as well, there are 100,000 Polish people living in Ireland, the entire arena will be up for him as well.

I'll be there, I have my tickets and I know that these 2 fighters will get huge support.
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