UFC planning 2012 event in Seattle

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7/19/12 10:56:29PM
UFC fans in the Pacific Northwest, rejoice. The octagon will soon make a return trip to the region.

UFC president Dana White today revealed the promotion is currently planning on bringing an event to Seattle before year's end.

"I know we're going to Seattle this year," White said. "I can't remember the date."

7/20/12 3:57:43AM
I am way too happy about this, It'll pobably be a FX or Fuel event which is good so I don't have to pay too much to watch it live sure hope I get tickets this time around
7/20/12 7:06:27AM
Nice, gonna catch another UFC event.
7/20/12 8:06:06AM
Party at Kpro's!!!

7/20/12 8:17:24AM
Lucky y'all

Come back to Texas already!
7/20/12 9:50:27AM
Won't be a ppv

I got a list of rest of Ufc events this year at the EXPO
Only ppv left is Brazil Oct. Montreal in Nov and Vegas Dec only. Could be the fox 5 show though in Dec
7/20/12 12:39:30PM
hell yes!
7/20/12 1:35:23PM

Posted by cowcatcher

Party at Kpro's!!!

7/20/12 1:51:34PM
Sounds fun I'll make the drive!