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5/16/08 10:35:12AM
Hey fellas...

Was going to be in Chicago for Memorial weekend and was looking for a decent place to watch UFC around town (I have to bring the GF with me, so if you know of a place that's less crowded that'd be best)...

My old lady and I are staying down town, right off the miracle mile...

Anyone know of any good spots around there... We have the grooms dinner and all that to go to that night, so I'll be scrambling for a place to watch this event... Worse comes to worse, I guess I'll try to order the event when I get back on Monday, but this is like the second or third straight event I haven't been able to catch live and it's really starting to piss me off... I'm sick of watching crappy youtube versions of fights and wanna see the shit live!

Any help would be greatly appreciated
5/16/08 10:42:48AM
Didn't take a close look, but here's a Yahoo search I ran for Sports Bars in Chicago:
I'm looking up Chicago bars that might carry it through UFC's PPV partner, Joe Hand Promotions.

Edit: According to Joe Hand Promotions' website, the only listed bar that will be carrying it in Chicago is Kendalls Bar. Their phone number listed on the site is 773-348-7200.

They're at 2263 N. Lincoln. Here's their website:
Sounds like my kind of sports bar.
5/16/08 2:22:55PM

Buffalo Wild Wings

I'm sure one of them will be showing it. The locations here in Fort Wayne do, anyways.
5/16/08 2:48:19PM
thanks fellas... DC I owe you some props, but gotta spread the love first
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