Pittsburgh's first MMA event draws the attention of UFC, though perhaps not as intended

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7/4/09 10:41:12PM
While Still Standing Productions, LLC recently conducted Pittsburgh's first MMA event, the organization may find itself needing to make a few changes before a announcing a second card.

The Ultimate Cage Fighting Challenge has drawn the attention of the sport's biggest organization, the UFC, and a copyright infringement claim may be forthcoming.

UFC Vice President of Regulatory Affairs Marc Ratner recently told the MMAjunkie.com Radio Network that the UFC was currently looking at potential action against the upstart organization.

"We're always happy to see fans, and we love competition," Ratner told MMAjunkie.com. "There's nothing wrong with it. But there's some copyright infringement problems when they call themselves the UCFC.

7/5/09 12:48:38AM
this is one of the things i really hate about the ufc. Any time a company has some success they make some legal problem with or find others ways to destroy its image or just take it over complely. i dont understand why they dont just let the smaller organizations just do there own thing. correct me if im wrong but arent ryan jensen and both former ufc fighters that were let go. i think that they should let the smaller organizations like this run and if they call themselves the ucfc and its a good show like this was then why not leave them alone the fans are pleased people get more into the sport of mma and it doesnt harm the ufc in anyway. Now saying all that i have no problem with what the ufc is doing to get rid of affliction because it has huge shows that could potentially hurt the ufc so any competing that is done against them is fine imo. i just dont get why they always have to cause legal issues when there is really no harm done.
7/5/09 12:58:55AM
There's no harm done this time but what if someone gets seriously hurt at one of their shows through some sort of negligence. It's not THE UFC that caused it but A UFC and to casual fans and the press that won't make any difference. MMA is synonymous with those 3 letters.

It's like me making a brown cola and selling it in my hometown as Pepsi. No matter what small success I have and whether people think it's right or wrong it's still copyright infringement.
7/5/09 1:36:28AM
Given the UFC's history with these things I can't believe they made such a blatant ripoff poster.
7/5/09 4:47:09AM
Wow, using about the same font and color to UFC on their promotional posters and even though your organization is called Ultimate Cage Fighting Challenge, they repeatedly referred to themselves as Ultimate Cage Fighting Championships on their website.

What, are they trying to guarantee 100% that they lose the lawsuit?

Pretty pathetic to infringe copyrights in multiple ways on your first event.

I guess they got in the news and no publicity is bad publicity, so as long as they change their ways before getting litigated into bankruptcy, their plan worked.
7/5/09 9:46:13PM
I train MMA and it is pretty much who I am so everyone who knows me knows I love it and anytime someone heres anything about it they mention it to me. I had 6 people ask me if I was going or went to the UFC fight at Mellon arena. They even brought Tito Ortiz in and ppl thought he was fighting. I knew this was going to happen.
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