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10/22/08 9:21:14PM
can someone please explain to me what this video is all about or what the point behind it is, because i am utterly lost.

if you haven't seen it here is the link
10/22/08 9:43:54PM
I saw(and own) the pitfight dvd, i've had it for years, and I'm still lost...
10/23/08 12:28:32AM
i'm lost too! its like mma plus the gladiator
10/24/08 1:42:34PM
? ? ? I just blacked out for 8 mins WTF just happened
10/24/08 2:13:58PM
It was pointless, thats what it was
10/24/08 2:41:18PM
I liked it. I think it was supposed to show the mind of a fighter--how it's more than just a sporting contest; it's a life and death struggle to either reach your destiny or fail and succumb to weakness--at least that's the way some people envision it to get motivated.

I'd like to see the one on Gerald McClellan video too.
10/25/08 12:32:39AM

Posted by Naturaldisaster

It was pointless, thats what it was

It really was.
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