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10/13/08 11:56:22PM
So I have been training submission grappling 4 months now and my school is hosting a tournament this sunday. I have been waiting for a competition for so long and it feels like a small step towards my first amateur MMA fight so I am pretty excited.
Anyways, to make this more than a wish me luck thread, is there anything I need to know for the day of or a strategy (since it is 5 minutes and point based.)

Hope I can pull out victory in the division I'm in.
10/14/08 12:00:40AM
Your coach would be the best person to give you a strategy, but the best advice I can give is to stay calm and not let your nerves get the best of your ability to execute the training you've already gotten. You know what to do- it's just a matter of getting it done. You should do just fine, bro! Kick some ass
10/14/08 12:15:33AM
well Jackelope is right, you should really ask your trainer what is best for you to do. however, i can give you some generic advice. for short, point based grappling matches don't ever over commit. be aware of where you put your arms for guard passing and try not to place your hands on the mat (it is bad to do this unless you are a JJ expert). stay away from risky armbars or leg locks because more often than not the just give up position rather than finish your opponent. go for kimuras/americanas whenever you can (when not in mount) because even if you don't get them they improve your position and score you points.

other than that, good luck and i am sure you'll do fine.
10/14/08 10:05:21AM
Do you Train at CGS by any chance?
10/14/08 1:35:47PM
well good luck anyway.. get someone to get good video... and listen to your trainer.. he knows your skills best. and above all just do your best.. win or lose if you know you went and gave it all you had thats all that matters.. you only been training a short time so view this as a learning experience above all else.. but heck if you can win a match ot two awesome.
10/14/08 10:33:04PM

Posted by postman

Do you Train at CGS by any chance?

Yea, but only the submission grappling class. I am far from Irwin so I can only go up once a week and also I need to improve a lot before getting in the MMA class
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