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3/3/07 8:15:20AM

you have to copy and paste video at bottom page
3/3/07 10:56:55AM
all they did was put a shitty wing on the car and paint raceing stripes on with a paint roller.

I know a better way to do stripes. We found a shitty old car in a ditch. So we hauled it back to our cabin. Then we put a Quad on top of it. Got paint on its wheels. Then put 2 sets of tracks right up over the car. (windshiled cracked a bit).
3/3/07 11:32:22AM
you do know its a piss take?
3/3/07 1:37:41PM

Posted by eiredave

you do know its a piss take?

Yeah i know. I just cant stand it when people use paint rollers on Cars or bikes. It jsut rots me.
3/4/07 10:00:53PM
As an Irish man, isn't your ride usually a cop car?