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1/6/11 11:38:10PM
As expected, Georges St. Pierre will put his title on the line against No. 1 contender Jake Shields in the main event of UFC 129.

The bout was made official Thursday by the UFC during the most recent episode of its “Ultimate Insider” Web series. The event, which will mark the promotion's first trip to Ontario, will take place at the Rogers Center in Toronto on April 30.

St. Pierre is a champion in need of no introduction. The French-Canadian is a two-time UFC welterweight champion and has soundly beaten every challenger placed in front of him during his most recent stint with the belt. He comes fresh off a dominant victory over Josh Koscheck at UFC 124 in Montreal in which the champion pummeled the challenger with a stiff left jab for five rounds en route to a one-sided unanimous decision.

Prior to besting Koscheck, “Rush” rode heavy-handed Brit Dan Hardy to an easy decision win at UFC 111 in March. St. Pierre, 29, has lost just once in the last six years and holds victories over Thiago Alves, Jon Fitch and longtime welterweight king Matt Hughes (twice).

1/7/11 1:20:52AM
i just dont see this going well for shields. his standup was garbage against kampman and i really wasnt even impressed with his takedowns. i think GSP will dominate him as usual and probably even finish him. welcome to the ufc jake
1/7/11 10:11:23AM
so undeserved for shields, but atleast gsp will put him in his place
1/7/11 10:44:14AM
should be a real barn-burner
1/7/11 10:55:26AM
Jake deserves it only for being a great ww in other leaugues forever. In the UFC, his Kampman fight wasnt great. His cardio standup and everything else didnt look so great. If Kampman didnt try to guillitine him, he may have won. Usually the guy on top (ie Kim vs. Nate Diaz) wins the UD, even though the guy on bottom tries to do submissions and lands a few strikes in the 5 seconds the fight was standing.

However, Kampman was a good test,

and Jake beat him,

eventhough he had no energy or strength from the weigt cut or whatever. I thought Kampman had a knee and a few strikes that won a round for him, but too little too late imo.

This should be GSP's biggest test to date, but because GSP is the champ and a smart fighter, GSP ftw. A finish would be great, but I think Ud is the norm now imo
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