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5/7/11 8:53:32AM
Is there a possiblility that Gsp could go to the middlewieght division?
5/7/11 9:18:29AM
5/7/11 5:21:41PM
There is a chance....just not huge IMO.....for one the strikers hit way harder in the MW Div (see Vitor Leben Stann etc...) than in the WW Div and we know he doesn't want to KTFOed again, the grapplers are way larger in the MW Div too (Sonnen Maia Palhares Munoz) and I would give at least half of the division the strength advantage over Pierre, who is awesome no doubt but just too perfectly made for where he is for me to see him anywhere else. I still believe there are good match ups for him at WW (Marquardt Diaz Kampmann) and too many ways for him to get destroyed in a "Super Fight" with Anderson Silva for him to make that move. I think it would be better for everyone for Silva to vacate his title and move up to LHW where his skills size and power are still more than enough to make him a contender, if not a Champion.
5/8/11 7:21:46PM
He should. But then he'd be top 5 or just outside of it. His skills don't translate as well when he lacks the size advantage. Which is EXACTLY why he shouldn't be in the p4p discussion and EXACTLY why he doesn't deserve a shot against AS without proving that he can hang with guys his own size or bigger.
5/9/11 8:06:20AM
Never say never, but I'm not going to hold my breath. One of the guys on MMA Live mentioned that Joe Silva took some kind of poll of fans and found that people preferred to see GSP-vs-Nick Diaz over GSP-Anderson Silva. And GSP himself doesn't seem too enthusiastic about the idea.

After Diaz, there could be a new contender in position to lose to GSP. Carlos Condit or Diego Sanchez maybe. Jake Ellenberger evidently wants a piece. I expect Anthony Johnson to move up to Middleweight before earning a title shot at Welterweight, but you never know.

Posted by JimiMak

His skills don't translate as well when he lacks the size advantage.

You mean like when he fought Jon Fitch, Josh Koscheck, and Jake Shields?
5/10/11 11:08:32AM
Damn, what a misleading thread title...
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