Everyone please make you r pics for Dream

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3/21/09 5:24:59PM
I know Dream , like Pride before them, don't put their cards out til late. We finally have 5 of their match ups set, and in the computer. However, until enough people make their picks the system cannot calculate the wagers. So please get your picks in.

3/24/09 12:08:42AM
How many picks are needed to lock in wagers? We're at above 200 picks for each fight and still no dice on the wagers.
3/24/09 1:26:39AM
Picking Benkei fights is the bane of my MMAPG existence, I swear..
3/24/09 10:34:29AM
My picks are in.
3/24/09 4:49:21PM
So we cant make wagers for Dream 8 and WEC 40 or just Dream 8?
3/31/09 5:38:01PM
Sorry, only dream . We can only wager on the most current event. That is Dream.Also, without a 24 hour period in between cards, the wagers for dream will not be valid There needs to be at least 24 hours in between cards in the 2ndary league for us to give people time to update the wagers.. Without that the points are still relevant, but the few people who actually do make time for WEC wagers will be wasting their timer. Sorry. but we feel this is the fairest way for all.
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