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10/18/08 11:43:44AM
once again another england fight card is upon us

i had some trouble making my picks as history shows me that over seas has always been bad picks for me

there are a few fights that are a toss up probably 4 or 5 to name some

bisping vs leban

i hate bisping but i picked him to win via decision 205 bisping was average but the cut weight has made him a different fighter, leban can knock any one out but bisping is a smart fighter i am hoping he avoids exchanging punches with leban

miller vs baron

i know miller is a up and comer, i have read some articles about him for years he and his brother, any other average guy i would pick miller but against david baron, it really was a toss up. baron coming off a upset win, has fought some names, i have either guy winning via decision i picked baron a couple months ago i am sticking with him

per ecklund vs sammy the dog

sammy hasn't fought any name opponents, per has, per did look good agaist stout but sammy lost to guida didn't show anything. another toss up but i think experience will come into play i have per winning by sub

gono vs hardy

yes again i read about the hardy hype, i like him, but once again no wins over huge fighters, even though he is fighting in england that will not be that much home court over a vet of pride in gono. i have seen alot of gono fights he is very hot and cold. i am hoping he stays hot. i have this going to decision over hardy. or hardy might get caught in a sub.

last fight is liaudin vs david biekheden

i have seen david fight in pride, i like jess, this was well worthy of the hot bout
it could go to decision but i think jess will rebound plus he being a ufc vet now and euro crowd likes him as he has fought like 4 times now or 5 in euro i think he will submit david in a late round

i am pretty good in picks but england is my cryptonite

next week is easier picks for me, as well as rest of year but this card and the card in june have been the hardest all year.

good luck in your picks guys
10/18/08 12:04:35PM
this card is either going to make or break me. my brother pretty much has the exact opposite picks as me, and they all looked good. that scares me immensely
10/18/08 12:28:25PM
I had a lot of difficulty picking some of the main card fights, Vera v Jardine....seems to be a UD for Vera, but I just can't go for it. Same with Bisping v Leben, Bisping can dance his way to a UD, but I gotta go with my heart here. I think when cards are hard for me to pick then the fights usually end up better, except on the rare easy pick of Chuck over Rashad that ends up in a huge upset.
10/18/08 12:33:19PM

Posted by jiujitsufreak74

this card is either going to make or break me. my brother pretty much has the exact opposite picks as me, and they all looked good. that scares me immensely

I hear you. I just switched yesterday to a pretty risky parlay with a big payout. It's hard to say it's "risky" though when you really consider how much of a shot each fighter has.

What's risky to bet on usually means this will be a fantastic card, though.
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