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1/21/13 3:40:36PM
Picks Question...

I'm sorry if this is posted somewhere, but I must have overlooked it while searching for the answer if it is already posted.

Does just the winner of a fight pick count against you if you get it wrong, or does the End Time and Ending Details also count against your score?

If you only pick a winner and not the time or details, will that count against you, or just simply give you fewer points and keep your winning ratio higher from not being wrong on the details because you didn't make a prediction?

...and just to be certain, do I need to predict the entire fight card for it to count, or can I just pick a few fights on the card and leave some blank?

New Fighters...

I am happy to wait until my "add fighter" suggestion gets reviewed for the fighter database, but I noticed a thread in this section that said to post your suggestions here, so I'm going to post my two suggestions by explaining why I think they're worthy of being added

Francis Carmont
I plan to put him on my Middleweight top 10 list. Although my list is mostly ranked by proven abilities, I also consider who I think would win if they fought, by looking at their performance and if they are simply a better example of a MMA fighter (well rounded and good at multiple things).

Francis Carmont looks dangerous to me. He has already pulled off some slick moves in the octagon, and I think he will be a top contender sooner than later, and think he could already beat some of the current top 10 middleweights.

Anthony Njokuani
I plan to add him as #10 on my favorite fighters list because his crisp technique makes him so fun to watch, and if he can just work on letting lose with more of those beautiful combos, he could be entertaining us on main cards. I am always compelled to watch his fights closely, which I think is an important factor in declaring a favorite fighter, even if he has a long road ahead of him.
1/21/13 4:14:59PM
Both have been added.

As far as your other questions go - You can pick as many fights as you want on each card, but you have almost zero chance of winning if you only cherry pick and don't make picks for all the fights.

Here is the rules page that should answer any questions you have about scoring: Rules

Hope this answers your questions, feel free to post more if you have them, or something is still unclear.
1/21/13 5:01:20PM
Thank You

That clears up even more than I was wondering. I'll fill out all the picks. I'm going to have to stay on my toes with all the new fighters on the cards. I usually only make predictions for fighters I know about, so I have my research cut out for me, but it should be fun.
1/22/13 12:53:12AM
It wouldn't be a bad idea to join a casual camp that can teach you the eays and that have discussions on the fights. You'd be surprised at what you can learn.
1/22/13 7:43:57PM
Also, if you enjoy fantasy mma check out the side game forum, lots of extra games going on in there as well and all site members are welcome to join in.
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