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12/26/10 1:45:36PM
Be sure to make your picks for the Dream/ World victory road combo card that is coming up shortly! On Friday!

So we can wager on the card and is the last event of the current season in the secondary league.
12/26/10 3:47:48PM
I was just about to post the same thing buddy. Ive had a pretty good season and with one fight card left Id love to be able to make some wagers.
12/26/10 7:23:13PM
That'll take a miracle. And more than 500 more people making picks. Seriously.
12/26/10 7:58:59PM
I thought it had to be around like 300 or 400 for wagers to appear but I cant remember. Oh well.
12/26/10 9:59:24PM
It's come up a few times in Game Talk in the past, and admin has confirmed that the "magic number" for wagers is 600 picks.
Card just likely took a hit on the Sengoku side, Chonan says Hornbuckle is now off. Flu.

Edit: Confirmed today. Taisuke Okuno is the replacement.
12/28/10 4:41:34PM
This needs a bump. Get your picks in so wagers can be made in the secondary league. Time is running out quickly.
12/28/10 5:56:12PM
you cant even see half the fights on the fight companion. how could picks be so low?
12/28/10 10:56:54PM
It's Secondary League.
Only so many fights from each card.
Some fights STILL aren't official (Overeem-Duffee among others).
Not a lot of people care about the event.
12/29/10 2:07:07PM
Why not just use betting sites etc. to set odds for wagers? Why do 600 people have to make picks?
12/29/10 5:44:51PM
That's just how the system works. Others can explain it better than I can.
12/29/10 7:07:09PM
why does my fight companion and the stats for the event only show 7 fights?
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