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10/20/07 9:49:31PM
hows everyones picks doin?

im pretty happy with mais's performance, cus i bet everything i had on him and also picked him to win by sub in rnd 1.....im bummed about jason black, i tought he would take it ......i has burkman by tko but i least i got the 5 points
10/20/07 10:16:59PM
3-1 so far. I also had Black. I would've rather it stayed a draw than it turn out like that. Draw would've meant that they'd get to fight again.
10/20/07 10:23:03PM
I had Grice and I heard he won. I went on a longshot and picked the athlete but he didnt win. and by sherdog it doesn't sound like the fight was too exciting so maybe they made the right move not televising it.
10/20/07 10:28:34PM
I started off 3-0. But then the Black/Grice was changed in Grices favor and Starnes just lost making me 3-2
10/20/07 10:39:51PM
damn i also had starnes winning
10/20/07 10:41:53PM
I'm 4-1 this far. Black cost me one.

EDIT: 5-1 now with pretty decent predictions.
11 pts on Okami
11 pts on Burkman
11 pts on Bonnar
7 pts on Belcher
7 pts on Maia
10/20/07 11:35:37PM
My picks have sucked tonight, im 3-4, and ive just got a bad feeling it might be a sign of things to come with the next to fights
10/20/07 11:37:17PM
4 and 3.. I'm not doing that great this one.. I had hoped it was just because of UFC's upsets that my luck was turning bad, but with Starnes, Black, and Gurgel losing, i'm wondering if i'm just losing my ability to pick fights.
10/21/07 12:14:36AM
damn i jusst lost my pick for vera..i put him to win by UD, and most websites have him winning 2 rounds to 1, i guess ill have to watch the fight tomorroe and see
10/21/07 12:19:07AM
Tim might of saved my record for tonight, i definatly think he won that fight.
10/21/07 12:27:09AM

Posted by Aaronno9

Tim might of saved my record for tonight, i definatly think he won that fight.

your proly right that you think he won that fight, but just cus im not watchin it i gotta follow the paly by play...like look at sherdogs or mmweekly's play by play and they both have vera 2 to 1......so i got a lil bit mad
10/21/07 12:54:42AM
wow what a performance by anderson silva...he loks unstoppable!!
10/21/07 1:42:51AM
I went 5-3 on this event. And I won after betting it all on Sylvia.
10/21/07 9:05:49AM
I did alright last night. I won about $100 in fake money last night. I should really be wagering on MMA.
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