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6/15/07 2:25:38AM
Any reasonable bet with decent odds I will accept and I will answer quickly

Griffin not taking anymore bets on that unless its 1:1
Big "c"
6/15/07 5:27:33AM
Cant send a wager as i dont have much left but if you send me this i will accept

your $275 on Macdonald for my $100 on Singer
6/15/07 5:36:01AM
before you come across with a crazy bet with bad odds i just so happened to have read your post you said not even 5 minutes ago to unchillpill

well its not really an even fight is it? im pretty sure Herman will win and dont know why so many on here picked smith, was surpised to be able to get even odds wagers as you should really have to give 1.5:

where is my even odds wager or even 1.25:1 at best???????
6/15/07 7:12:22AM
Errr are you talking about the same fight mr dumb dumb

sorry dude but wow that was stupid
6/15/07 7:13:50AM
Oh and 92% of the site pick Macdonald so you HAVE to give 2:1 and its only 3% away from being a MUST 3:1 so those odds are fair enough
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