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5/2/07 10:23:20PM
I'll take Rampage over the Iceman. Taking 1.5:1

I'll take Salmon over Schafer. even

I'll take Martin over Salaverry. Taking 2:1

5/3/07 7:39:52PM
I'll make one more bet on the Rampage fight my 300 vs. your 450.

That leaves me with 155 for the Martin vs Salaverry fight? Who's going to step up and make a wager on this fight.

Sorry no more Salmon and Schafer.
5/4/07 11:42:07AM
C'mon someone has got to want to gamble with me and take my 300.

I have 90 dollars left for Martin also.

Let's get this done.
5/4/07 8:07:50PM
Says you only have 90 total.

I have 419 available and I'll take Chuck against your 300 on 'Page.
5/5/07 12:07:45PM
I had made another bet that got declined, but I sent you one now though.

I have 200 left I don't really care what fight, anyone make an offer, with the odds above.
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