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2/13/07 6:38:37PM
Picks Edited.

UFC 68:

Sylvia - UD
Hughes - Sub Rd 1
Babalu - Sub Rd 1
Fitch - UD

I wont turn down any wagers on these fights, will wager until my money is gone. (I will wager up to 150 on 3:1 and 100 on 2:1 fights)

2/13/07 7:57:50PM
I'll take $100 on Misaki. Offer sent.
2/14/07 8:55:19PM
Damn I hope Trigg pulls this out lol, those are the only wagers I am getting..... I learned from his last fight to never count him out.
2/14/07 9:28:20PM
Yeah, I'm tryin not to put too much against him. Cuz you never know. The 50 I put up w/you will prob'ly be it for my anti-trigg money.
2/25/07 7:25:26PM
Thanks for all the Trigg wagers guys!
2/27/07 1:43:16AM
Picks Edited - So Bump

Still Looking For Wagers.
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