When do you make your picks?

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POLL: When do you make your picks?
ASAP 59% (13)
As the fights become official 9% (2)
Somewhere in between the last card and the next one 14% (3)
As late as possible 18% (4)
10/29/07 3:11:03PM
I'm still realtively new to this website, and I had a question about strategy on the fantasy game. The first event that i picked, UFC 76, I just registered right before the event, so I made my picks ASAP. I had a pretty good event-6 wins, 3 losses. But then I had almost a month before UFC 77, and I made my picks really early-I went 2 and 9. So I decided to not make my picks for UFC 78 until 2 days before they lock.

When do you guys make your picks?
10/29/07 11:54:13PM
Usually right away but I haven't been doing so hott so im gonna switch it up and wait
10/30/07 7:02:36AM
Usually right away, and that's only because I know most the guys who are fighting. When I don't, I study up on them quickly. The quicker you get them over with, the more time you have to rethink, and re-evaluate the picks. It also gives you time to see what the fighters have to say about their opponent, before you let their words affect your judgement. The only time I get it wrong, are when underdogs pull the upset. I think there might be one or two fights that I picked the underdog, knowing full well he could lose. Like that Thiago Tavarres/Tyson Griffin fight. I had griffin, I later changed to Tavarres, because I had this gut feeling he might pull off a win. I was wrong. Still beats waiting.
10/30/07 8:38:22AM
I make my picks as soon as they come up but i change some of them 15 times depending on news of their training or who Randy Couture picks

I am doing alot better this season with wins i still suck at picking the outcomes, I also stopped picking my favorite fighters or guys that i hate and pick based on who has the better chance of winning
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