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4/17/08 7:21:31PM
I think Lutter will win this fight. he gave Anderson his toughest match in the UFC and almost came close to beating him, I think if Lutter was in better shape for that fight he would've beaten him. I dont think Rich is gonna have to much luck landing hard shots on Travis, Travis is crafty and I think it will be a matter of time before he gets takedown and takes an arm, originally I thought Rich was going to win but ive thought more clearly and im pretty sure Lutter is gonna take it.
4/17/08 7:25:07PM
you could win some big money on that. but personally im not, rich is a better striker and lutter will have trouble taking him down i think and lutter gets irritated and just blows the fight.
4/17/08 7:39:57PM
true but I believe Travis has a better chin and a bigger heart than Rich. I know styles make fights but Travis gave Silva a huge run for his money, when Rich never had Silva in any trouble once in both fights, after the first couple of strikes Anderson landed on Rich, the fight seemed like a icing on the cake for Anderson in both fights. Travis on the other hand took a flying knee that slid off the side of his head and took Silva down and almost finished him from mount with an armbar, Andersons wrestling is just as good as Richs if not better than Rich's sorry to say...I like Rich and I think hes a good fighter, I think this is a bad match-up for him because the only submission guy hes faced in a while is McDonald whose ground isnt nearly on the same level as Travis's. If Travis puts Rich on his back its all Lutter from there.
4/17/08 7:43:47PM

but that doesn't mean i don't think Rich can't pull it out... however im picking Lutter FTW
4/17/08 8:35:08PM
This was one of the hardest fights on the card for me to pick. Both fighters have a good shot to win this one by following their game plan. The difference for me was consistancy. Rich always comes ready to fight, at weight, and follows his gameplan. I cant say the same for Lutter.
4/17/08 9:11:18PM
i'm down with lutter
4/17/08 9:20:30PM
Rich is great standing, but has nothing on Silva. lutter took punishment from him and then took Silva downa and mounted him. IMO Silvas ground game is way better than Franklin and Lutter will win via Rear naked early 2nd
4/17/08 10:06:15PM
Any Lutter fans want to do an avy bet? I definitely got Rich winning this fight.
4/17/08 10:46:41PM
Interesting fight in my opinion. I think that Rich will win, but would not suprise me on bit to see Lutter lock in a submission and pull out the victory. He looked good against Silva, although weak. He doesn't attempt the armbar in full mount, the fight could have been stopped.
4/17/08 11:12:50PM
Rich is a better wrestler than anderson silva. Rich has a better sprawl and is stronger to avoid the takedown.
4/18/08 2:46:25AM
Obviously Franklin is the favorite. He's the former middleweight champ. That being said, with the odd's you're getting, Lutter is a very good bet. He could easily win this fight. I'm not going to be one of those guys who says, well Silva beat Franklin and Lutter almost beat Silva so Lutter must be able to beat Franklin. That's stupid. However, stylistically Lutter has a chance against almost anybody in his weight class. Lutter by rear naked choke Rd. 3.
4/18/08 3:42:05AM
You know, alot of people forget anderson had blown out both knees before his fight with lutter. Its all well and good to say if lutter had made weight and was 100% hed of beat anderson, but then again if anderson was 100% i think itd of been an even shorter night for lutter. Anyways, richs ground game is pretty underrated and i think he'll beable to at least hang with lutter on the ground. Not to mention hes been training with hume and barnett for this fight so i think that will help him alot against an agressive ground fighter like travis. Dont get me wrong, i like travis, and i think hes pretty under rated overall, but rich is stronger, has better striking, more experience and i think hes going to come into this fight in way better shape than travis. All travis has on rich is his jits and mabeys chin, but i dont think he'll be able to take rich down anyways.

I see rich wearing travis down in the 1st and 2nd from the clinch - then finishing him when hes abit gassed in the third.

Im a huge rich fan though so i guess you can take whan a say with a pinch of salt, just my 2 cents.
4/18/08 9:18:54AM
never doubt franklin but i think travis lutter will win via submission
4/18/08 10:27:27AM
In trying to hit a big parlay (is all I can wish for at this point ) I opted to pick Lutter over Serra even though they both had the same dog odds. That being said, I still think Rich will win it.... he's be stupid to not practice an abundance of sprawls and sweeps before getting in the cage with the, ahem, "Michael Jordan of BJJ"
4/18/08 10:50:47AM
Don't pick Lutter just because Franklin can't beat Silva and you think his "time" is up. I made this mistake at first. This is the kind of guy who Rich beats. Its all about matchups, and Rich is a bad matchup for anyone but A. Silva and Machida.
4/18/08 12:22:04PM
Lutter will win this fight by either submission or decision.
4/18/08 12:50:42PM
I'm going to pick Rich, because he will dominate Lutter in the second round.

Watch :)
4/18/08 12:55:08PM
After watching the countdown it looks like lutter means buisness so i dont know he might take it
4/18/08 1:25:34PM

Posted by gsquat

Don't pick Lutter just because Franklin can't beat Silva and you think his "time" is up. I made this mistake at first. This is the kind of guy who Rich beats. Its all about matchups, and Rich is a bad matchup for anyone but A. Silva and Machida.

I agree. Franklin is almost impossible to submit, and Lutter's striking skills aren't up to par.

"MMAth" is dangerous here, for a few reasons. First, Silva fought Lutter on two bad knees. People read too much into that fight, imo. If they fought again, I don't think Lutter would last one round with Silva.

Second, Silva isn't a GnP fighter, Franklin is. Franklin beat the tar out of Jason MacDonald, Evan Tanner, and Ken Shamrock; Lutter would have to be a much better fighter than those three guys just to make this a close fight, and I don't think he is.

Third, getting KO'd by Anderson Silva doesn't mean you have a "weak" chin. I hate to use the word "noob", because I welcome new fans to the sport, but people who claim that Franklin has a weak chin simply don't know their sh*t. Nate Marquardt and Chris Leben had never been (T)KO'd before or since and Silva diced them up. There isn't a fighter in the world that Silva couldn't knock out, almost regardless of weight class.
4/18/08 1:58:37PM
Rich - 1st Round TKO - no question.
4/18/08 3:21:51PM
How many of you changed your mind after watching the count down? I am sticking with Franklin and not buying the hype. Franklin has fought tougher guys and performed well. He is dificult to submit. I remeber Okami had him in a nasty kimura for like a whole minute and he patiently endured the pain as he watched the clock expire. He will stick to his plan and stand up every chance he gets. no finish.

Franklin wins UD!
4/18/08 3:49:21PM
Im picking Rich as well 2nd round KO.

Lutter will try and take it to the ground but I see Franklin avoiding most of the takedown attempts to keep it standing and work him over for the win.
4/18/08 3:49:40PM
I picked Lutter by sub in the second round. I think Rich needs to take a while off,to collect his thoughts and get rested up.I think were going to see Rich come into this at only 50%.Lutter will be dangerous and ready.
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