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3/2/11 10:28:03PM
Hey guys, I just wanted to make a thread and help out the community and basically get everybody's input, opinions, and questions. So, I'd like to call out a few guys on this site that I think are among the best at picking fights. If they come forward, I hope to hear some thoughts on how people can improve their skills on picking fights.

B_Goetz, npayant, Gannon, Flashy G, SilentOutlaw, Jiujitsufreak, Shawn91111, Svartorm, wrestler289, Kpro, Pookie, Bowen, and Nitrus. Sorry that I missed some guys, these were just off the top of my head.

Most people think that picking a fight comes down to luck but I think that there is a science to it. These are the rules that I follow that have always worked for me.

1. The obvious, styles make fights. For example, If a strong wrestleris facing a striker with weak takedown defense, I will always pick the wrestler.

2. Pick with your head and not your heart. If you want to pick the winner then don'tlet anything cloud your judgement. For example, if you dislike a fighter then don't pick against him because of it. Another good example would be always picking your favorite fighter, you shouldn't do it.

3. Stay updated in the mma world!

More input from other members would be appriciated.
3/2/11 11:01:14PM
A fighters body type dictates which area's they can exert their strength in the fight.
Acquire a knowledge of the human body and learn which muscle groups are linked to the which manuevers in the sport. That way you can judge up a fighter you've never seen before, and learn pretty quickly the limitations of fighters who haven't yet been "exposed".

Be open minded and dont be afraid to throw away information that doesnt work in favor of information that does.

Explosive fighters gas quicker, think Shane Carwin, BJ Penn, and Belfort.

Fighters with fantastic cardio lack punching power, think Forrest, Couture, and Sherk.

Fighters with fantastic footwork are naturally attuned to defending trip takedowns.

Assessing a fighters strengths and weaknesses correctly allow you to see the holes that are exploitable in their game.

And of course, styles make fights. An A level fighter can lose to a B level fighter easily if its a terrible style match-up for them. Style trumps skill in terms of analysis.

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