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3/2/08 10:31:21AM
I'm not making this a poll, because I'd rather have actual responses, rather than a simple "yes" or "no."

Apparantly, I can't pick a winner to save my life. I went 4-6 on UFC 82, and it wasn't for lack of knowledge. Basically, I often have a hard time picking fighters that I dislike to win. Obviously, this means I often pick fighters to win whom I do like, simply for fandom's sake.

This is all fine, I'm sure we all do it to some extent. But what I've noticed is that I often find myself in a conflicted situation. For example, I hate Josh Koschek. I always have; he's a dick. But because I wanted to pick winners to help my camp, I picked him to win last night. So in a weird situation, I had to root for the guy that I truthfully wanted to lose.

I'm having a hard time balancing my favortism with my realistic opinions. I used to root for whoever I personally liked more. Now, not so much.

Of course, the flipside is that picking fighters helps make fights that you may not care about at all (I wasn't expecting much from Kongo/Herring) slightly more interesting.

It seems that my enjoyment of a card is determined almost as much by how many picks I get right, as opposed to how much I enjoy the bouts themselves.

Before anyone says it, yes, I know I could quit my camp and stop making picks. But I do enjoy that process, even if I'm not any good at it.

Anyone else experience this weird personal conflict?
3/2/08 10:40:57AM
The difference between picking who you want to win vs picking who you think will win can be very conflicting at times. Thankfully, all but Cummo served me well at 82. Normally I would have examples to agree with you, but not from 82 unfortunatly, I went with my gut.

I usually want Kos to lose...
3/2/08 10:48:03AM
Yeah it kinda of does. Specially when you lose your parlay in the very first prelim... but usually I do have a great time watching ufcs...if they put on a good show
3/2/08 10:52:13AM

Posted by D0wnUnd6e6r

Yeah it kinda of does. Specially when you lose your parlay in the very first prelim... but usually I do have a great time watching ufcs...if they put on a good show

Yeah, I hear ya. That is what happened to me at the last event. I am thinking about not doing a parlay next time, I haven't won one yet. I almost did this time, but Cummo blew it for me. What makes it worse is I had a gut feeling that Luigi was going to pull off the W, but I was able to convince myself differently. Same thing happened with Kongo/Herring for me.

EDIT: Actually, I'm mistaken. For UFN 12 I won a parlay with Cote/Maynard. It was not a big payoff though.
3/2/08 11:10:13AM
Yes, I always end up picking the guys that I like more instead of going with who is more likely to win. Like Evan Tanner, I just convinced myself that he would be the first person to submit Okami. I like Tanner a lot and therfore didn't want to pick against him.

Also I find when I put money on fights it makes them a lot more exciting. Like the Mir-Lesnar fight, I picked Mir rd. 1 sub and had money riding on him, fake and real. That was the most exciting fight for me, mainly due to the fact that I had so much riding on it.
3/2/08 11:21:57AM
I felt the exact same way about Tanner. I was convinced he would hand Okami his first submission...
3/2/08 12:09:00PM
3/2/08 12:34:41PM
Of Course!! I used to get nothing but 100% enjoyment out of watching fights, regardless of who was winning or losing. Then I found mmaplayground. Now I find myself being stressed out and pissed off during fights. Going from extreme highs to extreme lows and vice versa in the blink of an eye. I am far more emotionally involved than I used to be, that is for damn sure. Thanks a lot mmaplayground. Where would I be without you?

This is where I come to speak about my MMA. C'mon everybody. Group Hug.
3/2/08 12:35:51PM
On the PPV the only fight I picked wrong was the Silva-Henderson fight. I like both fighters and found myself cheering for Henderson because of that. I don't really like it that way, but it happens.

However the Fitch fight was different, I picked Fitch to win, but I kind of wanted him to lose. Same with Koscheck

I was pretty sure Okami would win. I kind of felt bad for Tanner when he lost because of his "comeback" and all. Had I picked Tanner, I would have felt worse.

However, there are times were I have a favorite fighter fighting and I pick him to win. That makes the fight more exciting than ever.

So the answer is yes, my picks do affect my enjoyment. In some ways it is positive and others it is negative.
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