Who you picking Couture or Gonzaga?

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POLL: Who you picking?
Randy Couture 60% (21)
Gabriel Gonzaga 40% (14)
8/3/07 4:54:32PM
So who you picking in the title fight between Couture and Gonzaga. I'm going with Couture because he knows what it's like to be in the spotlight of a title fight, whil Gonzaga doesn't.
8/3/07 4:57:43PM
I think it's a tough call... I'm going with Couture by I don't know if thats my heart or my brain talking
8/3/07 5:07:19PM
I think im gonna go with couture but its a really tough call
8/3/07 5:20:30PM
Gonzaga no doubt. I picked gonzaga againest cro cop too.
8/3/07 5:28:25PM
This topic has been covered many times, but it is a really close call. I've been tempted many times to change my original pick from Gonzaga to Couture, but I just keep reminding myself what a beast Gonzaga is. Couture is more then capable of dominating this fight, but I just don't see him doing it to Gonzaga. He is Capable of finishing the fight on the ground, and as Cro Cop found out, standing up. I'm having trouble deciding how it ends, but I'm taking Gonzaga on this one. Sorry Randy!
8/3/07 5:30:35PM
I picked Randy for the first time.. then had to chose Gonzaga.. i think he will either submit randy or KO him... if randy takes him down which i think he will its no problem for gonzaga... he is comfortable on his back... and if randy stands it up he would KO gonzaga at all... i think gonzaga will head kick him like he did to cro cop or knee him... possible a huge hook to the jaw.. i thought sylvia would win against randy, and i was big time wrong.. i definitly regret that choice.. but i dont think i will regret this one.. im picking gonzaga..
8/3/07 6:01:21PM
I don't see Gonzaga Knocking Out Couture, I'mean Couture has only been knocked out by one guy and that was Liddell and he's been in there with some heavy hitters(Rizzo, Barnett, Belfort, Rodriguez and Sylvia) and none of those guys have knocked him out. I can see a submit or decision if Gonzaga is going to win.
8/3/07 11:43:42PM
Gonzaga only lose is to Fabricio Werdum. Gonzaga is just younger fresher well rounded. Randy has been there done that. But gonzaga is the future of this heavy weight division and hes going to prove it againest couture and make a statement like he did with mirko
8/4/07 9:33:33AM
I picked randy because i think this fight is gonna come done to grappling were i think randy has a slight edge. In the standup randy is not gonna underestimate Gonzaga like CC. Gonzaga might be comfortable on his back put he is not gonna pick up any points from here and i cant see randy getting caught in a supmission. To win this fight i belive Gonzaga has to put randy on his back witch is not impossable but i cant see it happening
8/4/07 10:41:27AM
Randy Couture for sure.
8/4/07 12:44:06PM
I'm goin with Randy...I think this fight will be pretty boring...lots of wrestling with Randy being very cautious not to get caught in a submission, but still maintaining control. Randy by long, boring, decision.
8/6/07 2:31:06PM
its sucks but Gonzaga no doubt he his the worst opponent randy could have had style wise i even think with a little more time gonzaga will be the first to bring down fedor...but not the last
8/6/07 2:54:20PM
How can you not pick randy the king of upsets. style wise and in past performances(randy not doing well against big wrestlers/BJJ guys) randy should be an under dog and what does randy do when people count him out... He Wins.
I thought he had no chance in hell against Tim but he proved me wrong, Gonzaga still hasnt proved himself yet, we dont know if his performance against CC was a fluke, so GG is a bit of a wild card. I bet randy has the perfect gameplan set up to confuse and beat GG.


randy all the way
8/6/07 4:12:02PM

Posted by CwB

I thought he had no chance in hell against Tim but he proved me wrong,

Thats exactly where I stand.
I thought there is no way he can beat Big Tim, but since that night I promised myself i would never doubt Randy again. Unless it's a huge mismatch, which I dont think GG will be, just good competition.
8/6/07 4:19:29PM

Posted by ocho-cinco

This topic has been covered many times....

Exactly...why make another one?
8/6/07 6:04:29PM

Posted by BigEvil

I think it's a tough call... I'm going with Couture by I don't know if thats my heart or my brain talking

exactly how i feel man
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