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3/22/09 10:08:37PM

Posted by Pskinner_mma314

everyone i talk to wonders why i think this will be a suprising....maybe great....but suprising fight.

the point that i bring many GREAT strikers has GSP fought............................................................................................................................................................................



I love GSp, I think he is one of the best the world will ever see.

But ppl are sayin he is the best all around fighter right now.................................................

ok he has good striking...................but against WHO that has good striking,

I'm still takin GSP in this fight, but I wouldn't be suprised with a Alves TKO

Fitch is not a wrestler. It's a strength but Fitch is a great all around fighter. He's a BJJ black belt, with a good college wrestling background but his striking is just as good. he hung in their with GSP all 5 rounds, didn't win or do much but he didn't get stopped. Fitch is good wherever the fight goes. Same with BJ, BJ's boxing is superb. Who has ever dominated BJ on the feet? BJ can hang with anyone on the feet. Even Kos's boxing is strengthening , he's becoming a beast. Kos hung in there with Alves and landed some solid shots, he had a brutal body attack with Alves. Kos definitely didn't get dominated, he was competitive throughtout the whole fight, just didn't win enough rounds.

GSP will win based off what I saw in Alves fight with Kos. Kos was competitive with basic boxing and hung in their strong. But GSP has just as good hands plus will use extra strikes that he uses just as good. The main reason I'm picking GSP is the only weakness he has is his mental state, if you dictate or set the pace I would give you a great shot at beating GSP is you come at him swingin and are very active and set the pace. But GSP's biggest strength is he always sets the pace and Alves is in the same boat BJ was in. Their counter fighters, they pick you apart and beat you down based on your own mistakes. GSP will set the pace and not let Alves counter well like he does to everyone else he fights. GSP will outwork him and stop him with GNP I believe in the3rd in a pretty exciting fight.
3/22/09 10:23:28PM
It only took a day or so for an Alves thread to be turned into a GSP nuthug-a-thon
3/23/09 12:34:58AM
I've been sayin Alves is gonna be the one to take the belt from GSP for a long time. Dude is on a crazy run right now, I'm calling a late KO in the last couple rounds.

(hope he doesnt gas)
3/23/09 4:17:27AM
The thing is Fitch already destroyed Thiago Alves and GSP made Jon look like a B class fighter and we all know thats not the case. MMA math doesn't work all that well but in this case what it dose do is give me complete confidence that GSP can handle Alves's striking, take him down and TKO him, sub him or just ride out a decision.

I would not be surprised to see GSP take him down and try to sub him early in the fight. Im not sold on Alves being able to keep this standing. I think GSP will be able to dictate where the fight goes, Alves wont be able to commit to his striking without risking getting taken down so if that makes him more tentative I think that dose a lot to even up the striking.

Alves has good leg kicks but I think it would be a mistake to use them with any frequency b/c they will either get checked or get him took to the ground so I dont know that he can really make them a factor. You also have to take in to account that GSP trains with Jardine so you would think he will be ready for leg kicks.

I see this as a fairly one sided event and Alves's best chance will be to load up and swing for the fences, he always has a punchers chance so you cant count him completely out but I favor GSP very heavily in this fight.

If a striker is going to beat GSP I think they are going to need Liddell like TDD without it, there are going to be too few opportunity's to catch him with something.
3/23/09 7:14:12PM
In reality if Alves can catch him with one good shot standing and wobble it a night. Thiago has a great killer instinct and will finish GSP standing,....... if he can get the chance that is.
3/23/09 8:19:36PM
I really think alves can do it, brutal standup, great leg kicks and very strong. St pierre won of the best in the world but i think if Alves catches him it could go down like st pierre vs serra 1
3/23/09 11:21:51PM
If Alves wins, then i'm positive there will be a rematch or rematches and GSP will beat him eventually. But i'm also very positive that GSP will beat him UFC 100 and Thiago will become another person to lose to Georges.
3/26/09 2:03:55PM
I'll pick GSP. I think standing his movement and speed will cause problems for alves powerful juggernaut style. I also think despite Alves take down defense that GSP will take him down at will. But alves is a serious challenger and I wouldn't be surprised at all to see him knock GSP out. GSP round 4 TKO.
3/26/09 2:41:11PM
I like Georges Rush St Pierre in this fight, by a TKO in round 3.
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