Who picked Swanson to beat Pulver?

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12/12/07 4:10:47PM
I said screw it and put all my money on Swanson. I'm hoping he pulls off the upset tonight.
12/12/07 4:13:48PM
I have Pulver to win, but I am biased. I like Pulver and am hoping he gets back on track. I could see this fight going either way, so don't be surprised if you end up

On a side note, I have all my money ($8,365) on Marcos Galvao. "Louro" should win this one, I hope he gets his first sub. against Bowles.
12/12/07 4:30:45PM
idk if pulver still has it in him, his last fight didnt look to good
12/12/07 5:12:51PM
I picked Cub. Even though he's the dog, I don't think there is a chance that he loses. At best, Pulver has a puncher's chance. Put some money on Cub!
12/12/07 5:29:34PM
Cub all the way
12/12/07 6:41:54PM
I got Cub. Hes a beast and Jens heart isn't in it anymore.
12/12/07 6:51:06PM
Ging with Pulver but not putting money on it. Got a small (by my heavy underdog standards) heavy underdog bet on Todd Moore, putting the rest on Filho.
12/12/07 8:51:53PM

Posted by Svartorm

I got Cub. Hes a beast and Jens heart isn't in it anymore.

My thoughts exactly.
12/12/07 10:20:49PM
Lets go Jens!
12/13/07 1:59:37AM
Wow, nice swerve by Jens. I was stunned after that finish, and looked it up to see when the last time Jens subbed someone was. Out of all his fights, he had one other stub against a tomato can about 4 years ago. I guess hes been working the ground and didn't let on. Even in the pre-show fight footage he said he was comfortable training in a pure boxing gym. Very sly Jens.
12/13/07 4:08:03AM
i read this thread and laugh whole heartedly at all the doubters. WAR PULVER! that was a slick sub too
12/13/07 7:07:17AM
He's still got it, very impressive debut. He should do very well in the new division and help elevate WEC even higher.

Edit: Holy s**t! I'm #1 in earnings overall!?! I move to end the season immediately!
12/13/07 8:20:31AM
Wow, I choked on a fat one with that pick.
12/13/07 11:44:56AM
I had jens since the moment i heard of this one, great sub by Pulver shows hes not just a striker anymore great job Pulver vs Faber cant wait.
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