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4/26/09 9:06:27PM
Don't ask me why the hell this random thought popped into my head as I was nursing my hangover while watching the NFL draft this morning. It just did. I got to thinking if you had to have a team of 3 people to play a random number of sports, which 3 people would you pick?

You will have to compete against other teams in 5 randomly chosen sporting events. Every sport under the sun will be represented including MMA, Sumo Wrestling, Basketball, Football, Hockey, Soccer, Jai Alai, any freaking sport under the sun. Which team do you choose? (Must be current athletes. You could pick an old dude if you wanted, but they'd have to compete at their current age and ability)

I choose-

Lebron James
Georges St. Pierre
Larry Fitzgerald

4/26/09 9:58:52PM
Ben Askren
4/26/09 10:01:29PM
Alexander Ovechkin
Dan Henderson
David Beckham(he seems like he could play other sports good)
4/26/09 10:01:46PM
MMA: - GSP - Without doubt the most athletic well rounded fighter in the world today! I think a good al-rounder too!

Football(Soccer): - Lionel Messi - Awesome talent, unrivaled in skill set and still only just 21 years old! Fast, strong and good at basketball too!

Rugby - Richie McCaw - He's fast, strong, never gives up, can run like a hungry kid promised a burger and is tough as hell! One of if not the best Rugby players to have ever lived!
4/26/09 11:46:05PM
Peyton Manning-guy is a competitor and smart

shane victorino

Forrest Griffin
4/26/09 11:48:16PM
Amir Sadollah
Hercules (olympian)
Andre the Giant.
4/26/09 11:54:32PM
I would pick cro-cop if he was younger

Shogun (he would be a beast at soccer, rugby, kickboxing, and mma of course)
Ladanian Tomlinson (any sport that has running in it he would just own everyone)
Brock Lesnar ( Sumo, Wrestling, mma, weight lifting, tug-of war, deer hunting, archery, and sewing twine-laced sweaters)

and have them all walk out with Stone cold steve austin as their manager
4/27/09 12:05:02AM
Brock Lesnar
Floyd Mayweather Jr.
Lebron James
4/27/09 12:15:10AM
David Beckham
Ussain Bolt
Brock Lesnar
4/27/09 12:21:19AM
GSP- He is one of if not the most athletic mix martial artists around plus he is canadian so he has to be able to skate.

Ronald Curry - not only was he the national player of the year in football he was also national player of the year in basketball.

Dave Winfield - yes he is in his 50's now but who cares, only the 2nd person ever to be drafted in 3 major sports, NBA,MLB, NFL. Plus he killed a damn seagull with a baseball..thats bad ass
4/27/09 1:52:07AM
I'm kinda straying from the topic sorry...

K1 - Anderson Silva ...(if mma wasnt around i assume he'd be there)
NHL - Pat Barry ...(huge legs and a strong core)
MLB - Chuck Liddell ...(pitchin' with that overhand right and ya dont have to be in shape)
NFL - Brock Lesnar ...(who else?)
FIFA - George St. Pierre ...(fast, agile and athletic)
PRA - Thiago Alves ...(strong, athletic and takedown defense)
WNBA - Tara Larosa ...(you know why)
4/27/09 1:58:10AM
I'll just pick former football players, who train MMA, and add in some size...

Michael Westbrook
Jermaine Wiggins
Borck Lesnar
4/27/09 6:59:42AM

Posted by Wolfenstein

Borck Lesnar

I'm sure this was just a typo, but Borck Lesnar actually has a nice ring to it...perhaps an alter ego or evil cousin.
4/27/09 7:14:42AM
Ray Lewis
Dana White (Seriously)
4/27/09 9:12:51AM
Brock Lesnar
Shane Carwin
Kid Yamamoto
4/27/09 11:11:41AM
NHL: Alexander Ovechkin
MMA: Fedor
MLB: Albert Pujols
4/27/09 4:43:14PM
NBA-im torn between D.Wade and L.James
NHL-Marty Brodeur-Go devils
4/27/09 5:27:16PM
In a attempt to highlight some other athletes
Greg Jones WVU wrestling Bad ass who could play football too.
Greg Paulus hoops and football
Terrelle Pryor hoops and foot ball
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