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11/29/11 2:46:33AM
after commentin on a earlier topic..to how Mariusz can't last more than a round, and Bob Sapp instantly came into my mind..two guys who have NO gas tank / cardio, both comes rushin in, swingin for the fences, no strikin technique at all..so all in all who would u guys take?..
11/29/11 3:01:59AM
I'd take Sapp in a heartbeat. He's the bigger guy with the longer reach. He's also more experienced and has fought some top talent.
11/29/11 3:07:42AM
If it wasn't in Poland... and Sapp is done filming Conan the Barbarian.. and it wasn't in a higher elevation place like Denver, because that would just be cruel...

...They're definitely two of the worst at efficiency of motion which just makes them gas quicker. No cardio and bad technique is a recipe for worse cardio.

I think Pudz has more interest in fighting, and Sapp is doing it for a paycheck at this point. When one guy is 11-8 and one guy is 3-2 and they have the same number of career wins over opponents with winning records....

I say Pudz wins due to Submission (Strikes) early in the 1st round. Sapp will tap to a feather if he's on the ground, so I think it's the most likely outcome. Similar to the way Pudz beat Butterbean by submission via strikes a little over a minute in.

But if no one has been finished 3 minutes in, I think both corners simultaneously throw in the towels.
11/29/11 3:31:04AM
good call, especially on the throwing of the towels. bring 'em to japan and lets do it. i think pudz would probably win but it would look ridiculous
11/29/11 4:06:50AM
Sapp SD.... one Polish judge
11/29/11 11:10:27AM
man i would love for Dream to put this together, for some odd reason, i really REALLY wanna see this match up be made..
11/29/11 11:47:04AM

Posted by Kpro

Sapp will tap to a feather if he's on the ground,

It's funny but so true.
11/29/11 12:19:57PM
double tap out due to empty gas tanks
11/29/11 3:10:18PM
The judges will award points based on who stands still with their hands on their knees gasping for air the least. No strikes will be thrown, both fighters gas during the walkout.
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