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5/21/08 6:34:44PM

Man, I cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!

also for those who havent seen yet, here is the video of the Affliction Press conference LINK
5/21/08 6:36:11PM
This event will not be here fast enough. Sweet pic.
5/21/08 9:26:35PM
Nice watch
5/21/08 10:18:28PM
That sure is
5/22/08 12:26:28AM
of course Sylvia has a smug look on his face. at least sylvia isn't dumb enough to do this again

5/22/08 12:13:01PM
if he did Fedor would rip his arm off and beat him to death with it
5/22/08 12:27:00PM

When these two do pictures together,it seriously makes me think they have "man crushes" for eachother.
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5/22/08 2:35:28PM
if i was in a bar and saw fedor (considering i didnt no who he was already) id try and fight him he looks liek a dopy normal guy but man he whoos ass
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