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8/22/08 11:55:59AM
i was messin around on photoshop wich im not that good at ! and decided to put the rua brothers on the front cover of the blues brothers film.
Depending on feedback i want to loads of these pictures with different film covers and different fighters, so if ne of u have ne good ideas for the film covers let me know and i will give it a go!
I will check back about the same time next week and post the new covers on this topic , thanks.
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8/22/08 12:03:36PM
Someone on Mania recently did a good one, or a good idea-Breakfast At Tiffany's with Fedor & Couture.
8/22/08 1:03:49PM
Not done in Photoshop, but done nonetheless...

8/22/08 2:08:08PM
The Kalib one is great
8/22/08 3:09:17PM
The world would be a better place if everyone had a Mustache...

Must watch Movie->

Blanka AKA Andrei Arlovski

Page With Chuck's Head

Mirko AKA Cyclops

Mirko in his days as a Teacher before becoming a fighter

8/22/08 5:42:13PM
lol all good
8/22/08 11:43:44PM

Posted by mrkennedy

The Kalib one is great

I agree that was funny
8/27/08 1:34:27PM
lol some awesome pics there
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