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5/21/08 1:48:15AM
Photos from the May 16th Shaun George vs. Chris Byrd fight are now available.

Fight Gallery

- Brian Gordon vs. Ruslan Provodkinov
- Ji-Hoon Kim vs. Koba. Gogoladze
- Shaun George vs. Chris Byrd
- Orlando Torres vs. Maxim Vlasov
- Alvaro Morales vs. Jonte Willis
- Caleb Caldwell vs. Henry Namauu

Looking forward to the feedback!
5/22/08 6:07:54PM
Great action shots man thanks for posting those bad boys. Props.
5/22/08 7:21:45PM
Thanks ToeZup!

I'm headed to the Tuff-N-Uff fight tomorrow (FRI) and XFA 2 next Friday. I'll post photos in the MMA forums later.

5/22/08 8:41:51PM
I watched that fight live. Kind of depressing really. Byrd used to be really good but you can tell the magic is gone.
5/23/08 8:43:00AM
Yeah, I know what you mean. Chris seems like a very down to earth guy, family oriented and God driven.

I was rooting for the guy.
5/23/08 1:39:16PM
nice pics
5/24/08 3:10:43AM
Surprised Randy didn't get boo'd out of there.In the movie redbelt he says that boxing is dead.

Anyways, it was a good night of fights and I pretty much got what I expected out of Byrd since he was fighting a younger and quicker fighter and he only stood out at Heavyweight since he use to be so fast and could dodge slow heavy punches but these guys are just as fast. he just had no answer. Sad though...
5/24/08 3:15:49AM
I'm accustomed to shooting MMA, this was my first boxing match. The fists are much faster and I had to increase the shutter speed a bit to stop the action. I could have gone a little higher - next time.
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