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7/26/12 5:30:01PM

Posted by BlueSkiesBurn

Posted by warglory

Seriously? They make you piss to work at Best Buy? See, MAYBE if she was working in the warehouse, I could understand, but if she is working the sales floor, I think that is just ridiculous. I guess they are worried someone is going to buy a laptop from a weird, grinning chick who can't wait for their lunch break? I mean come on.

You know what's funny about your scenario? That's EXACTLY where they're trying to hire her; In the computer department as a salesperson.

Almost every major retail chain drug tests, I think. They used to back when I worked for them. Though, that was over 8 years ago.

Still, you're right. It's absurd. Who gives a shit? I prefer my video game salespeople to be stoners. That way I know they play a shitload of games. Their opinions are more informed.

I'm almost positive that at any given time, at least half the employees are baked while working at Best Buy. She can quit until she gets tested during the interview and then smoke as much as she wants.
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