Why Phil Baroni is P4P the best fighter in the world!!!!!!!!

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2/16/07 3:29:12PM
I posted this on another thread but I just want to make sure you guys know why Baroni could beat Fedor, CC, Nogueras, Wandy, Shogun, and Zuluzhino

Baroni For pres
2/16/07 3:34:06PM
The sad thing is that this isn't the first time I've seen his ass...
2/16/07 3:58:09PM
what the hell was that.......
2/16/07 4:02:28PM
2/16/07 4:07:58PM
worst music eva is more like it. Baroni varies in that video. Is it really all him?
2/16/07 4:11:42PM
I can't watch more than 10 seconds of that without being repulsed

In this month's issue of Fight Sport (great magazine, go out and buy it or look through it) they did a Q&A with Baroni. His exact words regarding this footage

"That was ******* funny. I did an exercise video when I was 19, they made it look pretty gay. They got me - big deal?"
-Phil "best evaaa" Baroni.
2/16/07 5:16:29PM

Posted by shawneth

what the hell was that.......

It was a video posted by Lindland a few years back. Lindland posted the link and told everyone about the bad blood between Phil and Team quest. Baroni went up there to train and they beat him up because all he would do is "talk shit" and eventually they kicked him out. And your not actually apart of team quest untill you beat up Baroni was the ongoing joke for team quest members according to Lindland.
2/16/07 6:18:17PM
Thats some funny stuff there. Baroni is the man, what can you say?
2/16/07 7:02:17PM
Baroni is hilarious....they should give Goldie the boot and put Phil in his spot next to Rogan. Anyone catch Baroni on The Savage Dog Show on Sherdog?
He just opens up on Frank Shamrock, clowning him like mad....

Baroni on The Sherdog Savage Dog Show

Once the video finishes downloading, FFWD to about the 80% mark of the progress slider...that's about where Phil's portion of the show begins.
2/21/07 12:31:27PM
wow that video is hilarious stop take it off i am going to piss my pants
2/21/07 4:20:03PM
2/21/07 9:05:40PM
2/21/07 9:20:04PM
I heard of this and didn't watch it, but I would like to say if their was ever a reason to make un-props possible this is it
2/23/07 4:21:20PM
Baroni's the man, that's why he's the best EVA!
3/3/07 3:12:23AM
Baroni is the WORST EVA
5/1/07 1:53:44PM


Baroni is the WORST EVA

Baroni is gonna get the Shit knocked out of him when he finally fights Frank Shamrock!
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