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8/2/09 3:03:18PM
Phil Baroni Moves on to Sengoku

While no opponent is confirmed, Baroni believes he will be facing Pride veteran Makoto Takimoto (5-5). Takimoto, though posting a .500 record, has faced unbelievably stiff competition in his relatively short career, facing the likes of Frank Trigg, Zelg Galesic, Gegard Mousasi, Evangelista Santos, among others.
8/2/09 3:19:06PM
He might have a chance aslong as it doesnt go to a decision
8/2/09 3:30:45PM
Hopefully The NYBA can get a win, and be successful in Japan.
8/2/09 3:34:38PM
I like Baroni at WW, he has looked decent so far...I think it better suits him.

Takimoto has fought a ton of quality opponents in his career...but so has Phil.

I think Baroni gets a TKO in the 2nd
8/2/09 4:33:10PM
Favors Baroni early.

Unfavores Baroni late.
8/2/09 5:02:33PM
I think baroni takes this fight, as long as he dosnt over train and come out flat and unwilling to throw bombs.
8/2/09 8:50:05PM
Takimoto fights at 185,and I doubt if he's going to cut weight to fight Phil.

Phil must be moving back to middleweight.

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