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Who cares i want to see him in the UFC anyway 17% (10)
would win the title he is the Best Eva! 3% (2)
would win more then he loses 0% (0)
Gate keeper 26% (15)
would lose more than he wins 33% (19)
wold lose 3 in a row and get cut 21% (12)
12/21/08 8:52:51PM
12/21/08 8:54:36PM
At this stage of the game I don't even think he could take the lower rungs of the WW division.

That being said, I picked he'd win the title because he's the best eva!
12/21/08 9:05:31PM
I think he could probably beat maybe Goulet because he has a glass jaw, but I'd think he'd lose to most others(Coming from the guy who seriously made a Phil baroni HL).
12/21/08 9:48:41PM
I'm a huge Baroni hater but i do admit he would be able to win but not vs. any true contenders. Of course Baroni always is a canadate for a flash KO on pretty much anyone but i don't factor that in much vs the true top WW's as they are all experienced fighters that have fought plenty of guys with that capability.

GSP: Would kill Baroni. Could take him down and control/gas him. Or could use kicks and jab/cross combos to keep Baroni on the outside and pick him apart. Not even a fair fight

Alves: There is NOOOOO way Baroni could outstrike him. And no way he could pull a surprise wrestling tatic as Kos couldn't take Alves down once, and even when Hughes took him down he could not do anything.

Fitch: Would make Baroni his bitch. Would probably be a wrestling clinic, he took down GSP and no way Baroni has better TD defense than GSP.

McLovin: JJ Clinic!!!!! Baroni has been submitted before and McLovin's (Hazlett for those that don't know somehow) Rubber Guard would tear through an old school fighter and substandard JJ player like Baroni.

Kos: Is what Baroni really wishes he could be. Can outstrike him and out-wrestle him.

All 5 would beat Baroni 80% or greater of the time IMO.

With that said he could be an exciting gatekeeper, fighters that aren't meant for the top would fall to Baroni via some highlight reel KO's/TKO's.

Gatekeeper at most.
12/21/08 10:29:07PM
He's washed. he'd be a low tear gate keeper at best. I can't even think of a good match with him that I would like to see that doesn't involve him getting completely smashed
12/21/08 10:38:06PM
he needs to build his record back up and against some good fighters before hes invited back to inevitably beaten by a top 10
12/21/08 10:55:07PM
I would say he would be a .500 fighter. He would win a couple and lose a couple. But never get a win against that top contention. But would put on exciting fights.
12/22/08 1:57:43AM
yeah he would get mauled by the top guys but he would have some interesting matchups with:

Jonathan Goulet- would probably ko goulet he has a glass jaw
Paul Kelly - can you say WAR
Matt Brown - slug fest
Rory Markham - slug fest
Luigi Fiorivanti - interesting match
Karo Parisyan - Karo would most likely take him out but who knows NYBA may land a devastating shot plus the pre fight shit talk would be amazing

12/22/08 2:44:48AM
Baroni is a tough guy, and is entertaining to watch most of the time. He has shown he gasses quickly, and would be worn down by most of the top level fighters within the division. He would be good for the division for a little while, then fade out in my opinion.
12/22/08 2:48:59AM
he has no gas tank, no ground game, and is close to a .500 record. Why are we talking about this? the current ufc ww division is dominated by exceptional MIXED MARTIAL ARTISTS
he made a name for himself back when flamboyant personalities and quick ko power over inexperienced opponents was feasible.
these days he'd get subbed by a 17 year-old
12/22/08 5:18:24AM
I think he would do just about as well as he did the last time he was in the UFC and thats not that well at all...
12/22/08 7:41:54AM
All you gotta ask is if he's put in the mix, why would he be there? Can you see him beating Fitch, GSP, Lytle, Davis, Taylor, Koscheck, Yoshida, Hazelett, Burkman, Hughes, Rumble, Swick?

Baroni stands zero to nil chance against all these guys. No point in having him even in there.
12/22/08 10:46:43AM
IMO Baroni was always an average boxer and wrestler with below average kicking and ground skills. He was one of the first guys at the lighter weights to come in with a very powerful build (not natural IMO) and his boxing/wrestling combined with his strength allowed him to overwhelm certain opponents. But this same combination wouldn't do well against the current crop of fighters, particulalry in the deepest division the UFC has.

Plus, Baroni isn't the same fighter he once was. Years of getting punched, blowing up on juice and then cutting back down, etc. have slowed him down. He was never fast or overly active but he's looked downright slow in his last several fights. Forcing an even larger wieght cut to fight guys who are better and faster than the guys who have been beating him lately, doesn't sound like a plan for success.

I don't think he can win against today's UFC WW talent.
12/22/08 4:49:53PM
Even against middle of the pack fighters, Baroni will have trouble, IMO.

The guy is an OK boxer, and has zero Gas tank, he'd get mauled by anyone with decent 2 round cardio, lol.
12/22/08 5:02:02PM
I never thought Baroni was that good and in the stakced WW division, he'll get owned by all but Goulet, Troy Mandeloniz and maybe Paul Taylor
12/22/08 8:07:04PM
Phil Baroni is washed up now. Even in his prime, I think he was a sub-par fighter. He has a powerful punch, but thats about it.
12/22/08 9:44:20PM
He would lose to basically anyone who knows how to shoot a double leg. He can't do anything but throw bombs and hope for a KO.
12/22/08 10:00:09PM
Baroni is a bum. I would have trouble picking him over anone in the UFC, or anywhere for that matter.
12/22/08 11:02:20PM
Probably wins more than he loses. There wouldn't be any point in signing Baroni because he's already hit his ceiling. He's been in the game for a while and this is about as good as he's going to get. Better off signing a younger prospect with more upside.
12/23/08 8:54:26AM
i would be shocked if he does, but a rematch vs pete sell at welter would be a great start
12/23/08 9:19:54AM
my take is a little different than what ive read so far. ok the guy was never a world beater, but hes a colorful; personality, and gets caught up in entertaining brawls fairly often so i could see him being a big fan favorite, or heel in the ufc today with all the new fans that have come along since TUF. plus if youve seen any old videos of him you know that he could help the UFC snag some precious gay viewership away from whatever it is margeret cho is doing these days.
12/26/08 1:06:02PM
Baroni was given a guy to pad his record in Olaf Alfonso and couldn't even finish him. If you watch Olaf fights, you know the guy has been victim of some brutal KOs. Baroni will never fight in the UFC again.
12/26/08 8:08:49PM
The only really interesting fight would be Matt Hughes after that every top contender there would maul him
12/27/08 6:30:18AM

Posted by copcopps

I never thought Baroni was that good and in the stakced WW division, he'll get owned by all but Goulet, Troy Mandeloniz and maybe Paul Taylor

I would 100% put my money on Paul Taylor.
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