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11/20/11 12:54:49PM
Just a little AvBet confusion for UFC 139 over here on my account..

I sent an AvBet proposal to 40ouncetpkid for Le vs Silva, after a few days without a reply I assumed he wasn't interested & started fishing for another AvBet opponent. So Budgellism & I agreed on an AvBet regarding Faber vs Bowles, I sent the proposal & he accepted. A day later I got a PM for the Administration saying 40ouncetpkid has accepted my AvBet request & my AvBets page had changed from Bowles vs Faber via Budge to Le vs Silva via 40ounce. I thought there must be a rule where an initial AvBet request overrides any made after it & went about my business.

Fastforward to this morning I log in & check my Avatar Bets page & Im 0-2 for UFC 139. My avatar bet record has both Budges & 40ounces Bets on it. Turns out both AvBets were in play although the one with Budge wasn't visible beforehand. Only 40ouncetpkid has control over my avatar & Ill accept both losses but I just wanted to bring this situation to your attention in case you were unaware.
11/20/11 1:16:06PM
I have control over your AV as well. That picture of the guy's face tied up is my treat to you.
11/20/11 1:54:19PM
I guess I deserve it after Bowles disgrace lastnight HAHAHA
11/20/11 4:40:41PM
Looks like you might be getting tag-teamed...and not in a good way.
11/22/11 4:33:20PM
I actually have a friend whos a professional graphic designer who loves mma, i told him about this place and he said he use to post here as fedorwins1. Hes creating one now ha
How long do we have control? Im sure we could split the time in half or something.
11/23/11 11:34:08AM
until the next event
11/25/11 7:16:42PM
BTW I think that I have this one fixed... again... future AV bets should not allow multiple "in limbo" participants to have more than one partner. If not please reply and/or PM me so I can continue to debug this damn thing!
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