Why does Pettis get the shot against Benson?

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9/3/10 3:26:11PM
Barttimus is 4-0 in his last 4 fights including 3-0 in the WEC with a sin against Pettis.

Pettis is also 3-0 in the WEC, but 3-1 in his last 4 fights with a lost to Bartimus.

This makes no since, and nobody is talking about it.
9/3/10 3:56:18PM
Let's take a closer look...
Bart is 3-2 overall in WEC. Pettis is 4-1.
Yeah, Bart beat Pettis, but it was a split decision.
Fights in the last 5 months (since the fight): Pettis-3. Bart-2.
Who they beat: Bart-Karen Darabdeyan, Zachary Mickleweight. Pettis-Danny Castillo, Alex Karalexis, Shane Roller.

I'd say it's a pretty one-sided argument for Pettis.

with a sin against Pettis

9/3/10 4:15:17PM
so benhendo can sub him fast and move to the next one
9/3/10 4:46:40PM
Pretty sure it was talked about after that night of WEC. Plus Pettis/Roller was #1 contender match, and The guys pettis beat were probably tougher.

Bart also said he was maybe 2-3 or maybe it was 1-2 fights away from a title shot, there was an article on it I think on junkie if you look it up.
9/3/10 6:07:04PM
Bart said he felt he was 2 wins away.
9/3/10 9:07:56PM
Didn't Petis get robbed in the fight with Bart?
9/4/10 12:42:09AM
Pettis will sub Benso. He is not getting out of that triangle!
9/8/10 2:12:29PM
Your delerious.
9/8/10 4:46:19PM
I'd be really surprised to see Benson Henderson get subbed by a Pettis triangle. He's not only got the perfect skillset for not getting subbed, but he's got the perfect body for triangle defense too.

Benson's weakness is pretty clear cut when it comes to his overall game. I just don't think triangle defense is what I'd say it is
9/11/10 8:37:58AM
No one else deserves a shot. I hope Zuffa moves Henderson to where he belongs after his next title defense. He belongs in the UFC.
9/19/10 1:23:52PM
man i love Pettis(no homo), but Benson has crazy skills..i don't think either one of em is gonna finish each other..it should go to decision and it'll be a interestin match..the stand up war is gonna be crazy good..Benson will walk away with the belt thou..lookin forward to this WAR...
9/28/10 9:35:26AM
Because Pettis is WAY more exciting. Just like Gray Maynard not getting a shot in UFC. It's about style over substance.
9/29/10 1:49:22PM
I think because he has more wins since that fight against better opponents, that fight was close, and the fact Pettis probably has a better chance anyway. It's gonna be a really sick fight! Pettis could knock him out on the feet, and on the ground put him in some pretty nasty submissions. Hendersons best bet is to do what he did to Cerrone in their 1st fight by just keep taking him down and fighting off submissions.

Gonna be a hell of a fight though! Just saw Pettis on that new MTV show, Really rooting for him. he's cool people.
9/29/10 3:39:37PM
Anthony has no chance against Ben Hendo! Ben will finish this quickly, then go to the UFC after he realizes he has no more competition!
10/1/10 12:44:35PM

Posted by MMA-San

Barttimus is 4-0 in his last 4 fights including 3-0 in the WEC with a sin against Pettis.

Pettis is also 3-0 in the WEC, but 3-1 in his last 4 fights with a lost to Bartimus.

This makes no since, and nobody is talking about it.

I actually wrote almost exactly this and made this same thread the night after the WEC they both fought in. The announcers mentioned that Pettis would likely get the shot and I was like, WTF!?!?

No one else on this forum seems to agree with us though.

I don't see why not. If you look at it objectively Bart is clearly higher ranked. And whoever said that Pettis is more exciting, that's not a sound argument. Pettis may be more flashy, but it's not like Bart is Gray Maynard (who you mentioned). He's not a lay-and-pray fighter, he's a brawler. Definitely and easy fighter to sell.
10/13/10 11:19:58PM
It just makes no logical sense to me. Bartimus and Pettis are both riding 3-0 win streaks...but if you look at quality of opponents (as somebody else mentioned) Bartimus beat Pettis.

People say pettis beat toiugher guys than Bartimus...but that makes no sense, since Bartimus beat Pettis. Is Pettis not tougher than the guys he's beaten?

If their was a loss in there somewhere for Bartimus, then yea, I'd say no go. But no, both are riding 3 fight WEC streaks....so when determining who gets the shot you look at eachothers opponents...and considering Bartimus beat Pettis, then Brtimus gets the shot.
10/14/10 2:18:35AM
I agree. The only real explanation that could occur is that in Pettis fight against Bart, Pettis should have gotten the nod. Sherdog, Junkie, and I think Weekly all had it 29-28 Pettis. I thought Pettis should have won, but it was a close fight... I wouldnt call it a highway robbery though.

Since that was about 4 fights ago, they figure most people forgot by then. That combined with the fact that Pettis opened a lot of eyes by knocking out Danny Castillo in the manner he did also won style points. He took a fight against... Karalexis? Then fought and defeated Roller (which surprised me).

I think it comes down to who is more marketable, Pettis is a fresh-faced contender in the WEC. I guess getting temporarily cut from WEC hurt Barts chances (even though he "beat" the #1 contender in his first fight back, and have won all fights since that).

I guess they are probably giving him reparations for the gaff decision he received. Much like how Dunham has to "climb" back up for a title shot and fight Kenny Florian.

Also, "fresh off his win over Zach Micklewright" doesnt sound as good as "fresh off his win over Shane Roller". Maybe considering who they defeated 'last' was the deciding factor (although they setup Pettis/Roller as a #1 contenders prior to this matchup though).

I dont know, just throwing out possible explanations.

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