Who does Pettis fight?

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POLL: Who does Pettis fight?
Florian 21% (6)
Guida 62% (18)
Gomi 3% (1)
Sherk 14% (4)
1/10/11 9:03:55PM
With Pettis saying that he is not going to wait (or the UFC told him he was not going to wait) for a title shot, who does he fight. Because the dude was/still is the number one contender, you have to give him a top guy. So who is it going to be. I think Florian makes the most sense. However i dont know when Florian will be ready.
1/10/11 10:52:03PM
Maybe he will fight jacob volkman or a nik lentz
Both guys are on winning streaks
1/10/11 11:25:58PM
Guida Florian or Sherk would all be awesome!!!!
1/11/11 6:23:26PM
Its kinda interesting what the UFC is gunna do here:

Do they wanna give him a stepping stone to ensure a title shot(which doesnt always go as planned)

Or do they wanna match him up with a top 5 opponent

I picked Guida because that would be an insane fight, plus Clay is definetly top 5 and on a impressive win streak.
1/12/11 8:24:52PM
He is facing guida

I just hope it will be in may vegas rather than june vancouver
1/14/11 12:48:19PM
I like the Guida matchup. I think Guida is the most winnable fight for him, and he deserves a shot at the title.
1/14/11 1:19:19PM

1/14/11 1:51:45PM
I think him and Jim Miller would be a good #1 contender match.

rather than Miller-Shalorus.
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