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5/1/08 3:46:28AM
Guys as some of you may have noticed WEC 34 is an incredibly stacked card that is filled with tons of contenders and exciting match ups.

However it is only scheduled for the regular 2 hour time slot which means that only 4 fights are guarenteed to be broadcasted live on the main card and we may not get to see some really great match ups (Pequeno vs Aldo for example). I say we petition to get WEC 34 on an 3 hour timeslot much like how UFN 13 was granted an 3 hour time slot after numerous MMA fans sent in emails to spike.

We can do the same by sending emails to versus and asking them to broadcast WEC 34 on an 3 hour time slot.

Please email Versus at
Or you can call them at:
Phone: (203) 406-2500 Toll Free 1-877-VERSUS-ON

We can do this guys send in your emails now.
5/1/08 4:14:38AM
No one wants to see an extra hour of MMA?
5/1/08 8:53:57AM
I do, if you think about this is prolly one of thee most stacked WEC cards. but i dont think many people are going to email verus because many people know dont about WEC as UFC. UFC needs to promote WEC more.
5/1/08 12:00:56PM
helll it worked last time for spike. i'll give it another shot.
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